Kenneth Oye Session Overview

Professor of Political Science and Data Systems & Society, MIT

Kenneth Oye is a Professor of Political Science and Data Systems and Society at MIT, with research and teaching on international relations and technology policy.  His work in international relations includes Cooperation under Anarchy, Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange, and four books on US foreign policy. He served two terms as Director of the MIT Center for International Studies and has been a consultant for the Petersen Institute, UNIDO and US Treasury, Commerce and EXIM.  His work in technology policy examines risks and benefits of synthetic biology, pharmaceuticals, the internet and nuclear energy, with papers in Nature, Science, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Politics and the Life Sciences and Issues in Science and Technology. He is Director of the MIT Program on Emerging Technologies (PoET), a faculty affiliate of the Synthetic Biology Center, the Center for Biomedical Innovation, and the Internet Policy Research Initiative, and chair of the Broad Institute Foundry Biosafety Committee.  He is a member of the NIH Novel and Exceptional Technology and Research Advisory Committee (NExTRAC) and has served as an invited expert for the UN BWC, WHO, PCAST and NRC.  Professor Oye is recipient of the Martore, Levitan, and Graduate Council teaching awards.  He has served on the faculties of Harvard University, the University of California, Princeton University, Swarthmore College and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

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