Class of 1994 Session Overview

“The lessons I learned from 1993’s Seminar XXI continue to shape my decisions and views on foreign policy, even today. The topic areas were on target,
Gen Jim Cartwright, USMC Commander, USSTRATCOM

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Directors: Prof. Kenneth Oye, Prof. Barry Posen, Prof. Myron Weiner
Program Coordinator: Barry Cohen
Program Consultant: Megan van Frank
Research Assistants: Wade Jacoby, Jim Walsh, Sharon Weiner
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
September 13, 1993 Introduction Prof. Arnold Kanter
October 1, 1993 Ethnic Conflict Dr. Paul Goble, Prof. Hurst Hannum, Prof. Donald Horowitz, Prof. Robert Price, Prof. Paul Shoup, Prof. Astri Suhrke
November 1, 1993 North Africa and Islam Prof. Lisa Anderson, Prof. Shaul Bakhash
December 6, 1993 Democratization Prof. Terry Karl, Prof. Lilia Shevtsova
January 10, 1994 The Future of Europe Prof. John Mearsheimer, Prof. Andrew Moravcsik
February 4, 1994 US National Security Policy Dr. Andrei Kortunov, Gen. Lewis MacKenzie, Canadian Forces, Prof. Stephen Meyer, Dr. Jonathan Shimshoni, Prof. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Prof. Jack Snyder, Prof. Shibley Telhami, Prof. Stephen Van Evera
March 7, 1994 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Prof. Richard K. Betts, Prof. Steven Miller
April 4, 1994 Economic Competitiveness Lawrence E. Harrison, Prof. John Zysman
April 29, 1994 Regional Integration Prof. Suzanne Berger, Dennis Encarnation, Prof. Miles Kahler, Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal, Prof. Linda Lim, Prof. Sylvia Maxfield, Amb. Koji Watanabe, Dr. Sidney Weintraub


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