Class of 1991 Session Overview

“For me, the program provided a refreshing dose of thinking without the traditional bureaucratic hindrances. Fellows and faculty inspired a quality of thinking difficult to match in the world of deadlines and resource constraints.”
Lt Gen Ervin Rokke, USAF (Ret.) Former President of the National Defense University

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Prof. Suzanne Berger
Assistant Director: Kimberly Nolan
Program Coordinator: Megan van Frank
Research Assistant: Susan Sanders
Program Assistant: Barry Cohen
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
August 13, 1990 Introduction Dr. Condoleezza Rice
September 7, 1990 Soviet Union Dr. Paul Goble, Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Prof. Robert Legvold, Prof. Stephen Meyer, Dr. Vladmir Pechatnov, Dr. Jacques Rupnik, Prof. Mark Saroyan, Prof. Jadwiga Staniszkis
October 1, 1990 Europe 1992 Prof. Peter Hall, Dr. Josef Joffe
November 5, 1990 Iran and Islam Prof. Bernard Lewis, Dr. Gary Sick
December 3, 1990 China Dr. Harry Harding, Prof. Lucian Pye
February 1, 1991 Japan and the Pacific Prof. Linda Lim, Prof. Mike Mochizuki, Prof. Gregory W. Noble, Prof. T.J. Pempel, Prof. Richard Samuels, Prof. Robert Smith, Amb. Koji Watanabe
March 4, 1991 India Prof. Bhabani Sen Gupta
April 1, 1991 Latin America Prof. Richard Joseph, Prof. Terry Karl
May 10, 1991 Trade, Technology, and Security Jonathan E. Cornell, Dr. Janne E. Nolan, Kyle Olson, Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Clyde Prestowitz, Amb. Koji Watanabe, Prof. John Zysman


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