Class of 2004 Session Overview

“Seminar XXI provides an opportunity to escape from the tyranny of the present and invest intellectual capital in gaining a better understanding of the often overlooked factors that play an important role in foreign policy.”
CAPT George Vance, USCG Mil Asst, Net Assessment, OSD

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Prof. Robert Art
Program Executive Director: Tisha Gomes Voss
Program Assistant: Phaedra McLaurin
Research Assistants: Daniel M. Metz, Cory Welt
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
September 8, 2003 Introductory Session Amb. Martin S. Indyk
October 3, 2003 Ethnic and Religious Conflict Prof. Scott Appleby, Prof. Sumit Ganguly, Prof. Chaim Kaufmann, Dr. Gerard Prunier, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Prof. Stephen Van Evera
November 3, 2003 Reconstructing Iraq Prof. Yitzhak Nakash, Dr. Kenneth Pollack
December 1, 2003 Democratization in the Gulf Prof. Gregory Gause, Prof. Gary Sick
January 5, 2004 Realism, Liberalism, and the Future of World Politics Prof. John Mearsheimer, Prof. Andrew Moravcsik
January 30, 2004 US National Security Policy Prof. Robert Art, Prof. Victor Cha, Prof. Thomas Christensen, Dr. Shai Feldman, Eric Heginbotham, Dr. Andrei Kortunov, Lord John Roper, Dr. Khalil Shikaki, Prof. Stephen Walt
March 1, 2004 South Asia Prof. Stephen Cohen, Prof. Juan Cole
April 5, 2004 Terrorism and Homeland Security Prof. Daniel Byman, Prof. Bruce Hoffman
April 30, 2004 National Economies in a Globalizing World Dr. Anders Aslund, Dr. Patrick Cronin, Kimberly Elliott, Prof. Richard Feinberg, Prof. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Prof. Kenneth Oye, Prof. Robert Rotberg, Prof. Edward Steinfeld


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