Class of 2001 Session Overview

“Attending Seminar XXI reminded me how important it is to pay attention to world events, listen to other Services’s perspectives, and ask tough questions at work.”
Col Marcely Atwood, USAF (Ret.) Former Dep J-1, Joint Staff

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Prof. Robert Art
Program Coordinator: Amy Tarr
Program Assistant: Sonya Brathwaite
Research Assistants: Rafael Bonoan, Jeffrey N. Vanness
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
September 11, 2000 Introduction Amb. Robert Gallucci
October 6, 2000 Ethnic Conflict Prof. Steven Burg, Prof. Dan Byman, Prof. Paul Goble, Prof. Robert Price, Dr. Gerard Prunier, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Prof. Stephen Van Evera, Prof. Ashutosh Varshney
November 6, 2000 Islamism and Politics Prof. Lisa Anderson, Prof. Gary Sick
December 4, 2000 Democratization and Human Rights Prof. Katharine Sikkink, Prof. Jack Snyder
January 8, 2001 Intervention Prof. Barry Posen, Prof. Anne-Marie Slaughter
February 2, 2001 US National Security Policy Prof. Victor Cha, Prof. Thomas Christensen, Dr. Shai Feldman, Prof. Gregory Gause, Dr. Andrei Kortunov, Prof. John Mearsheimer, Prof. Andrew Moravcsik, Lord John Roper, Prof. Richard Samuels
March 5, 2001 Terrorism Dr. Brian Jenkins, Prof. Jessica Stern
April 2, 2001 Economics and National Security Prof. Michael Mastanduno, Prof. Robert Pape
May 4, 2001 Regional and Global Integration Prof. David Asher, Prof. Gerry Gendlin, Prof. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Prof. Nicholas Lardy, Prof. Chappell Lawson, Prof. Robert Litwak, Prof. Kenneth Oye, Prof. Carmen Reinhart


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