Class of 1992 Session Overview

“Seminar XXI came along when the old Cold War rule sets were being overturned by the force of momentous events. By encouraging “outside the box” thinking, Seminar XXI armed its Fellows with an intellectual framework for evaluating the security challenges of a rapidly changing world.”
LTC Andy Krepinevich, USA (Ret.) Executive Director, Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Prof. Suzanne Berger
Program Coordinator: Megan van Frank
Assistant Director: Barry Cohen
Research Assistants: Wade Jacoby, Jason Wittenberg
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
August 5, 1991 Introduction Prof. John Deutch
September 6, 1991 Soviet Union Dr. Eugeny Ambartsumov, Prof. Robert D. Blackwill, Prof. Stephen L. Burg, Pierre Hassner, Dr. Andrei Kortunov, Prof. Stephen Meyer
October 7, 1991 Germany Dr. Josef Joffe, Prof. Andrei Markovits
November 4, 1991 China Prof. Lucian Pye, Prof. Susan Shirk
December 2, 1991 Iran and Islam Prof. Bernard Lewis, Dr. Gary Sick
January 24, 1992 Japan and the Pacific Prof. Ronald Dore, Prof. Linda Lim, Prof. Mike Mochizuki, Prof. Gregory W. Noble, Prof. T.J. Pempel, Prof. Akihiko Tanaka, Amb. Koji Watanabe
March 2, 1992 India Dr. Arun Shourie, Prof. Myron Weiner
April 6, 1992 Democratization Prof. Terry Karl, Prof. Myron Weiner
May 8, 1992 Trade, Technology, and Security Prof. Francis Bator, Dr. Robert J. Hermann, Dr. Janne E. Nolan, Yukio Okamoto, Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Prof. Kenneth Oye, Prof. Richard Samuels, Prof. John Zysman


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