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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Kelly M. Greenhill
Program Executive Director: Tisha Gomes Voss
Program Assistant: Jennifer Kempe
Research Assistant: John Minnich
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim


Session Date Participating Faculty
September 6, 2022 Introductory Session Stephen Walt
October 7, 2022 Identity Politics, Nationalism & Conflict Rachel Brown, Ron Hassner, Ronan Lee, Janet Lewis, Omar McDoom, Kenneth Pollack, Oxana Shevel, Barbara Walter, Steven Wilkinson
October 31, 2022 Realism, Liberalism & US-China Relations John Mearsheimer, Andrew Moravcsik
December 5, 2022 Migration, Security & US-Latin America Relations Kelly M. Greenhill, Manuel Orozco
January 3, 2023 Cybersecurity & Biosecurity Gigi Gronvall, Kenneth Oye, Josephine Wolff
February 3, 2023 Economic Security and the End of Globalization? Rawi Abdelal, Sarah Chayes, Alex de Waal, Daniel Drezner, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Sophie Meunier, Kenneth Oye, Justin Sandefur, Adam Segal, Luis Videgaray, Edward You
March 6, 2023 Europe, Japan & S. Korea: US Allies Forever? Victor Cha, Nicole Koenig, Richard Samuels
April 3, 2023 Iran, Turkey & Israel Suzanne Maloney, Natan Sachs, Ömer Taşpınar
April 28, 2023 US National Security Policy Jessica Chen Weiss, Fiona Cunningham, Bruce Hoffman, Jonathan Kirshner, Keir Lieber, Daryl Press, Paul Staniland, Caitlin Talmadge, Brian Taylor, Jim Walsh


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