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Ranksort descending First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
LtCol Edward W. Novack USMC 2009
LtCol Joseph S. Lee USMC 2017
LtCol Jabbar R. Goughnour USMC 2019
LtCol Thomas W. Russell USMC 2006
LtCol Rogelio Maese USMC 2020
LtCol Peter R. Stenner USMC 1989
LtCol William A. Whitlow USMC 1992
LtCol John M. Paxton Jr. USMC 1996
LtCol Jonathan R. Smith USMC 2020
LtCol Vicki T. Marsh USMC 1990
LtCol Mitchell J. McCarthy USMC 2009
LtCol Barry C. Neulen USMC 2004
LtCol Gabriel W. Tiggs USMC 2023
LtCol George J. David Jr. USMC 2017
LtCol Phillip J. Ridderhof USMC 2003
LtCol Michael A. George USMC 1999
LtCol Bert B. Tussing USMC 1996
LtCol Aaron D. Weiss USMC 2010
LtCol Douglas R. Kleinsmith USMC 2005
LtCol Robert C. Rice USMC 2012
LtCol Andrew C. Hietpas USMC 2023
LtCol Michael Lindemann USMC 2009
LtCol Siebrand H. Niewenhous IV USMC 2014
LtCol Jeffrey McCormack USMC 2015
LtCol Patrick J. Carroll USMC 2007
LtCol Jeffrey N. Rule USMC 2009
LtCol Eric P. Tee USMC 2020
LtCol David Vetter USMC 1988
LtCol Ian Ferguson USMC 2004
LtCol Christopher M. Greer USMC 2012
LtCol Brian W. Schweers USMC 2020
LtCol Adam T. Strickland USMC 2010
LtCol Gordon D. Miller USMC 2016
LtCol Christopher G. Tolar USMC 2016
LtCol Seth W.B. Folsom USMC 2011
LtCol Hunter R. Rawlings IV USMC 2014
LtCol Christopher B. Shaw USMC 2016
LtCol Frank K. Chawk III USMC 2017
LtCol John G. Rader USMC 1998
LtCol Larry S. Schmidt USMC 1989
LtCol Darren L. Hargis USMC 2005
LtCol William R. Jones USMC 1987
LtCol Russell E. Appleton USMC 1988
LtCol Joseph E. Galvin USMC 2014
LtCol Christopher Meyers USMC 2015
LtCol Tracy A. Maese USMC 2020
LtCol Brian Wobensmith USMC 2015
LtCol William J. Schrantz USMC 2017
LtCol William T. Wilburn USMC 2018
LtCol John F. Kelly USMC 2020
LtCol Kristina K. Griffin USMC 2012
LtCol Jonathan Q. Kenney USMC 2022
LtCol Jon K. Wilkins USMC 2023
LtCol Leo S. Gregory USMC 2017
LtCol Matthew B. Hakola USMC 2020
LtCol Curtis L. Williamson III USMC 2006
LtCol Scott D. McDonald USMC 2016
LtCol Andrew L. East USMC 2011
LtCol Todd M. Manyx USMC 2017
LtCol Alan P. Sullivan USMC 1991



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