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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort ascending Alumni Service Class
Mary H. Griggs Civilian 2003
COL Don M. Snider USA 1989
CAPT Olav R. Haneberg USCG 1994
Jeffrey Stefani Civilian 2001
RADM Robert S. Harward USN 2006
RADM John D. Stufflebeem USN 2005
Paul M. Higgins Civilian 2000
Lt Col Edward H. Houle USAF 1993
Andrew W. Irwin Civilian 2011
Arthur E. Johnson Civilian 1987
Steven W. Waugh Civilian 1998
LTC Richard E. Wiersema USA 2007
Richard G. Kirkland Civilian 2004
LTC Jack B. Wood USA 1987
John D. Zepper Civilian 2007
LCDR Frederick LaTrash USN 2003
CDR James W. Angelo USN 1992
Col Ronald L. Barber USAF 1995
Col Charles W. Lyon USAF 2002
Paul S. Berg Civilian 2009
Col Jose M. Boluda USAF 2003
Dr. Robert E. McCreight Civilian 1998
CDR Sally Brice-O'Hara USCG 1998
LCDR Chester O. Burton USN 1994
Col George F. Milburn USMC 2009
LtCol Patrick J. Carroll USMC 2007
COL Daniel W. Christman USA 1987
CDR Dennis J. Murphy USN 1997
Col Kathleen M. Conley USAF 2001
CAPT David T. Norris USN 2007
Brig Gen Tommy F. Crawford USAF 2000
COL Eric T. Olson USA 1998
CAPT David A. Davies USN 1992
CDR Stephen C. Pearson USN 2006
CDR Clayton L. Diamond USCG 2007
Dr. Gordon B. Dudder Civilian 2007
Stephen K. Reese Civilian 2003
CAPT Joseph E. Enright USN 1993
Carol A. Rodley Civilian 1993
LTC Anthony J. Fiore USA 2005
Donna Rowland-Gough Civilian 2002
Ian C. Saunders Civilian 2006
Timothy J. Galpin Civilian 2007
Basil Scott Civilian 2000
Patricia S. Gingrich Civilian 2001
David R. Shields Civilian 2009
CAPT Peter R. Smith USN 1991
Col Rainer P. Stachowitz USAF 2004
LtCol Adam T. Strickland USMC 2010
LTC Richard C. Herrick USA 1990
Tonia L. Tatum Civilian 2007
Donna L. Hopkins Civilian 2009
Gwenyth E. Todd Civilian 1997
CAPT Jan M. van Tol USN 2003
William Johnson Civilian 2001
Dr. Kenneth E. Washington Civilian 2004
Edward J. Kane Civilian 2008
Joseph C. Whitehill Civilian 1998
Peter P. Kiemel Civilian 2007
Jack H. Winters Civilian 1991



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