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Rank First Name Middle Namesort descending Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Harry Disbrow Jr. Civilian 2001
Dr. Vigdor Teplitz Civilian 1990
Edmund Nowinski Civilian 1993
RADM David Oliver USN 1988
Col Marcelyn Atwood USAF 2001
Brian Kiviat Civilian 2002
Dr. Wendy Lazarus Civilian 2004
LTC Kathleen Gainey USA 1998
Rose Likins Civilian 1998
BG Josue Robles Jr. USA 1990
LtCol Angela Salinas USMC 1995
Peter Grier Civilian 1989
Dr. Edward Schmitz Civilian 2000
CAPT Larry Seaquist USN 1989
Col William Harley USMC 1991
CDR Brett Chandler Royal Australian Nav 2004
LtCol Todd Coker USMC 2005
Bonnie Morehouse Civilian 2000
Paul Muench Civilian 1988
Shelley Deutch Civilian 1997
Dr. Gordon Adams Civilian 1991
M. Teresa Olascoaga Civilian 2003
Juliana Dunlap Civilian 1998
Josh Kerbel Civilian 2008
LtCol Ian Ferguson USMC 2004
Howard Fireman Civilian 2011
Elisabeth Kvitashvili Civilian 2006
John Fredriksson Civilian 1999
Dr. Joseph Leonelli Civilian 1999
Bruce Wilkinson Civilian 2000
Alvin Bready Civilian 2006
Donna Rowland-Gough Civilian 2002
Dr. David Markowitz Civilian 2000
Dr. Dan Haendel Civilian 1987
BG Arnold Schlossberg Jr. USA 1988
Dr. Eric Schulman Civilian 2007
Lawrence Castro Civilian 1997
Basil Scott Civilian 2000
Joseph Christoff Civilian 2002
Suzette Sommerer Civilian 2008
LTC Ronald Houle USA 1998
Richard Huff Civilian 1993
William Johnson Civilian 2001
Patrick O'Neil Civilian 2003
Kenneth A. Thomas Civilian 1998
Scott A. Hutchinson Civilian 2021
Col Donald A. Ahern USAF/ANG 2007
Lt Col Paul A. Mancinelli USAF 2016
COL Thomas A. Kelley USA 2001
CAPT Charles A. Allen USN 1998
Nicholas A. Toomer Civilian 1991
John A. Oswald Civilian 2002
CDR Mark A. McDonnell USCG 2021
Maria A. Trejo Civilian 2005
Cassandra A. Aucoin Civilian 1991
CAPT Steven A. Banks USCG 2013
Robin A. Watson Civilian 2000
CAPT Ronald A. LaBrec USCG 2012
David A. Lasko Civilian 2006
LtCol Michael A. George USMC 1999



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