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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
James P. Reese Civilian 2010
Thomas G. Reich Civilian 2001
LtCol Eric A. Reid USMC 2019
Kari F. Reid Civilian 2020
CAPT Charles B. Reigner USN 1996
Col Matthew R. Reilman USAF 2021
Lindsay E. Reiner Civilian 2024
CAPT Paul B. Reinhardt USN 2019
James R. Reinhardt Civilian 2016
Dr. Leonard T. Reinsfelder Civilian 2002
Maj Charles H. Reiter USMC 2018
LCDR Charles R. Reuning USN 2004
Maj Anna V. Reves USMC 2018
David C. Reynolds Civilian 2022
CAPT George S. Rhodes USN 1997
CAPT Frank A. Rhodes IV USN 2022
Michael L. Ricci Civilian 2019
MAJ William T. Rice USA 2000
LtCol Robert C. Rice USMC 2012
Dr. Oliver M. Richard Civilian 2016
Anne C. Richard Civilian 2006
CDR John M. Richardson USN 1998
Amanda L. Richardson Civilian 2017
COL Harold N. Richardson USA 1989
COL Melvin E. Richmond USA 1998
CAPT Steven L. Richter USN 2005
Richard Rico Civilian 2015
LtCol Phillip J. Ridderhof USMC 2003
Dr. P. Elayne Riddle Civilian 2006
Dr. Michael A. Rigdon Civilian 2004
Karen S. Riggs Civilian 2018
Brig Gen Teddy E. Rinebarger USAF 1993
Col Jim Ritchie USMC 1990
COL Jose Raul Rivas USA 2023
MSgt Jorge L. Rivero USMC 2023
John H. Rixse Civilian 1996
Col Darryl L. Roberson USAF 2006
CAPT James C. Robertson USN 1991
S. Gail Robertson Civilian 2004
Maj Gen Charles Robertson Jr. USAF 1995
Brig Gen Ben T. Robinson USAF 1999
Lawrence K. Robinson Civilian 1991
LCDR Errol A. Robinson USN 2013
BG Josue Robles Jr. USA 1990
Sean P. Roche Civilian 2003
Col Paul J. Rock USMC 2013
Mary A. Rockey Civilian 2006
Carol A. Rodley Civilian 1993
Daniel Rodman Civilian 2015
Lt Col Cathy M. Rodriguez USAF/ANG 2006
COL Karen J. Roe USA 2019
William H. Roege Civilian 2005
CAPT Frederick J. Roegge USN 2009
Col Philippe D. Rogers USMC 2013
CAPT Michael S. Rogers USN 2007
Lynne H. Rogers Civilian 2003
Brig Gen Frederick F. Roggero USAF 2006
Brig Gen Ervin J. Rokke USAF 1991
Susan M. Romanski Civilian 2007
John M. Rooney Civilian 1988



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