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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
Col Timothy V. Shindelar USMC 2009
Meghan Gregonis Civilian 2010
Michael A. Smith Civilian 1999
CAPT Janice M. Hamby USN 2005
LtCol Lyle M. Harrison USMC 2006
Raymond Stricklen Civilian 1994
Charles F. Herseth Civilian 1993
COL Robert Taylor USA 1990
Col Peter B. Todsen USMC 2000
CAPT George P. Vance USCG 2004
CDR Kelly M. Johnson USN 2004
Col Thomas C. Waskow USAF 1989
Daniel L. Whitford Civilian 2002
CDR James W. Kilby USN 2008
Brig Gen James M. Kowalski USAF 2009
Jennifer Zakriski Civilian 2007
COL Stephen R. Lanza USA 2007
Maj Gen Normand G. Lezy USAF 1995
Dr. Alvin F. Baker Civilian 1995
Katherine G. Luhmann Civilian 2003
Robert G. Bell Civilian 1989
LTC Curtis M. Masiello USA 2001
Randall K. Blystone Civilian 2007
James P. McCool Civilian 2008
LtCol Peter T. Metzger USMC 1991
David W. Carey Civilian 1989
Col Andrew M. Mueller USAF 2009
COL Timothy R. Coffin USA 2005
Col Kurt F. Neubauer USAF 2006
CDR Kevin J. Cosgriff USN 1992
John W. O'Neill Civilian 1999
Dr. Anthony F. Czajkowski Civilian 1991
CAPT Francis D. DeMasi USN 1999
CDR Edward W. Pinion USN 1992
Col John W. Douglass USAF 1987
Steven R. Ratner Civilian 1991
CAPT Thomas J. Eccles USN 2004
John H. Rixse Civilian 1996
Brig Gen Frank R. Faykes USAF 2001
Andrew C. Rothman Civilian 1996
Col Scott A. Forest USAF 2008
Faye Sandosky Civilian 1991
Kelly P. Gaffney Civilian 2009
LTC John L. Gifford USA 2005
Conrad J. Grant Civilian 2006
Margaret F. Smith Civilian 2001
CAPT David J. Hahn USN 2011
Keith G. Springen Civilian 1991
Steven E. Harris Civilian 2004
CAPT Robert M. Hennegan USN 2002
Bruce E. Hollywood Civilian 2011
Elizabeth B. Thompson Civilian 1998
MG Kenneth W. Hunzeker USA 2005
LtCol Edward L Jeep USMC 2010
Col Jan-Marc Jouas USAF 2002
Michael E. White Civilian 2007
Marilynn W. Wilson Civilian 1995
Jeremy M. Konyndyk Civilian 2010
Terry A. Yonkers Civilian 1999
COL Daniel F. Lally USA 1997



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