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Ranksort descending First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
CDR Robin L. Russell USN 2004
CDR Robert C. Hillery USN 1992
CDR Robert F. Wood Jr. USN 1996
CDR F. Winton Smith Jr. USN 2005
CDR Robert W. Niemeyer USN 2023
CDR Brett Chandler Royal Australian Nav 2004
CDR Ronald D. Neubauer USN 1998
CDR Michael E. Smith USN 2004
CDR Rudy T. Holm USCG 2003
CDR Casey J. White USCG 2010
CDR Mark S. Young USN 2002
CDR Edmund O'Callaghan USN 1997
CDR Mary Ellen J. Durley USCG 2013
CDR Kristin E. Jacobsen USN 2011
CDR Richard L. Williams USN 2001
CDR Brent J. Kyler USN 2006
CDR Joseph F. Bouchard USN 1996
CDR Kenneth J. Boda USCG 2016
CDR Frederick S. Gay USN 1992
CDR Aaron W.F. Delano-Johnson USCG 2020
CDR Brian A. Solo USN 2002
CDR Dietrich Kuhlmann III USN 2005
CDR David G. Ruff USN 1998
CDR Richard L. Snead USN 1992
CDR Michael J. Vernazza USN 2009
CDR Damian S. Flatt USN 2014
CDR Gregory Tozzi USCG 2015
CDR Mark P. Nevitt USN 2016
CDR William R. Daly USN 2013
CDR Daniel J. Deptula USCG 2011
CDR Daniel P. Eleuterio USN 2011
CDR Lawrence E. Greene USCG 2008
CDR Thomas J. Strei Jr. USN 1998
CDR Timothy A. Tobiasz USCG 2010
CDR Curtis A. Khol USN 2005
CDR Paul R. Martinez USN 2003
CDR Zeita Merchant USCG 2016
CDR Richard A. Correll USN 2007
CDR Sandra L. Stosz USCG 2000
CDR Trevor E. Parra USCG 2022
CDR John M. Uhl USN 2004
CDR F. Thomas Jones USN 1999
CDR David C. Nystrom USN 2013
CDR Thomas R. Crowell USN 2006
CDR Wilborne E. Watson USCG 2017
CDR Tuan N. Pham USN 2011
CDR Robert P. Wagner USCG 2004
CDR James D. Kelly USN 1994
Civilian Allison M. Shean Civilian 2019
Col Christopher L. Naler USMC 2013
Col James R. Davis USMC 1989
Col Karl R. Arbogast USMC 2019
Col Stephanie A. Gass USAF 2010
COL William D. Conner USA 2020
Col James E. Haywood USAF 2007
COL Angela E. Reber USA 2023
Col Kenneth A. Kissell USAF 1988
COL Jeffry W. Hartman USA 2016
Col Anthony D. Babcock USAF 2017
Col Donald E. Fick USAF/ANG 2005



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