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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
BG Stanley Kwieciak Jr. USA 1990
LTC Charles M. Kyle USA 2013
CDR Brent J. Kyler USN 2006
Michelle LaBonte Civilian 2015
CAPT Ronald A. LaBrec USCG 2012
Dr. Edward J. Lacey Civilian 1993
Scott S. Lacy Civilian 2023
Dr. Mallory P. Ladd Civilian 2023
Diane Lafferman Civilian 1997
CAPT Robert E. Lagassa USN 1987
D. Burgess B. Laird Civilian 2012
COL Daniel F. Lally USA 1997
LTC Phillip Lamb USA 2015
Paul W. Lambert Civilian 2014
MAJ Brian T. Lamson USA 2007
Melissa J. Lan Civilian 2018
CDR Michael J. Landers USN 1993
Lauren R. Landis Civilian 2002
RADM Arthur N. Langston USN 1998
LtCol Robert W. Lanham USMC 2003
E. Gibson Lanpher Civilian 1988
COL Stephen R. Lanza USA 2007
Kenneth A. LaPlante Civilian 2009
Col Randall J. Larsen USAF 2000
Loren R. Larson Civilian 1991
COL Eric J. Larson USA 2014
David A. Lasko Civilian 2006
Col James A. Lasswell USMC 1995
Dr. S. Amer Latif Civilian 2019
LCDR Frederick LaTrash USN 2003
Gary L. Laughlin Civilian 2017
LtCol Donald J. LaVoy USMC 1991
COL Charles D. Lawhorn USA 2012
COL Gavin A. Lawrence USA 2019
Larry A. Lawson Civilian 2006
Dr. Wendy Lazarus Civilian 2004
COL Jack A. Le Cuyer USA 1992
Col Jeannie M. Leavitt USAF 2012
LCDR Todd W. Leavitt USN 1998
Amb. Joseph LeBaron Civilian 1999
COL Richard J. Lebel USA 2017
Carolyn J. Lee Civilian 2005
LtCol Joseph S. Lee USMC 2017
Yong S. Lee Civilian 2014
Maj Cedric N. Lee USMC 2016
Col Andy C. Lee USAF 2023
BG Larry G. Lehowicz USA 1989
MAJ Lincoln D. Leibner USA 2008
LtCol Scott E. Leitch USMC 1992
CDR Gregory J. Leland USN 2016
Dr. Robert W. Leland Civilian 2010
Marissa G. Lemargie Lavaque Civilian 2021
Paul C. Lembesis Civilian 1991
RDML Jeffrey A. Lemmons USN 2013
Col Douglas Jr. Lemott USMC 2019
LTC Thomas J. Leney USA 1994
LTC Timothy J. Leone USA 2021
Dr. Joseph Leonelli Civilian 1999
CDR David L. Lersch USCG 2001
CAPT William K. Lescher USN 2006



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