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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
CAPT Brian L. Davies USN 2014
LtCol Maria McMillen USMC 2014
LTC Julie A. Thomas USA/ARNG 2014
Rebecca Eastwick-Haskell Civilian 2015
LTC Yvonne S. Breece USA 2013
Susan LeVine Civilian 2015
C. Thomas Burbage Civilian 1989
CAPT Karin Vernazza USN 2015
Maj Jerome C. Greco USMC 2016
BG Thomas Montgomery USA 1991
Yu-Han Chen Civilian 2008
Matthew J. O'Kane Civilian 2016
CDR Derek P. Hotchkiss USN 2017
MAJ Andrew D. D'Amico USA 2013
Gurpartap S. Sandhoo Civilian 2017
CAPT Colin W. Chinn USN 2018
CAPT Joseph B. Loring USCG 2018
Maj Matthew A. Van Echo USMC 2018
Aaron C. Ranson Civilian 2019
COL Bradley L. Boyd USA 2020
CAPT Christopher J. Hulser USCG 2020
Col Brian P. Sharp USMC 2020
COL Joseph A. Funderburke USA 2021
CAPT Thomas P. Stanley USN 2009
RADM Mark A. Melson USN 2021
Lt Col Gabriel S. Arrington USAF 2022
CDR Elizabeth H. Josephson USN 2022
Kaley E. Scholl Civilian 2022
LtCol Jeffrey C. Davis USMC 2023
Dr. Kathleen M. Kaplan Civilian 2012
Thomas F. Moore Civilian 2023
CAPT Jonathan R. Townsend USN 2023
COL Jonathan S. Dunn USA 2024
COL William W. Parsons USA 2024
Robert A. Brodowski Civilian 2014
Yong S. Lee Civilian 2014
Dr. Margaret Sloane Civilian 2014
CAPT L. David Marquet USN 2008
LTC Gabriel Chinchilla USA 2015
LTC David Kasten USA 2015
Richard Rico Civilian 2015
Alan D. Eckersley Civilian 2016
Maj Andrew H. Mills USMC 2016
CAPT Brian A. Treat USN 2016
COL Eric Folkestad USA 2017
Laura A. Odell Civilian 2017
Dr. M. Brad Parks Civilian 1997
Col Chris E. Boring USAF 2018
LTC Aaron J. Kaufman USA 2018
LtCol Mark A. Smith USMC 2018
Christopher A. Colbow Civilian 2019
CDR Alexander L. Wright USN 2019
COL Gregory B. Schultz USA 2013
Leonid A. Godunov Civilian 2020
Col Mark Sheehan USAF 2013
Kaila G. Raby Civilian 2020
Col Mansour G. Elhihi USAF 2021
Lt Col Rohit Y. Masih USMC 2021
Maj Eric A. Walraven USMC 2021
CDR Brian J Tanaka USN 2013



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