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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
Charles F. Herseth Civilian 1993
COL William J. Hersh USA/ARNG 2009
CDR Kathryn N. Herty USCG 2018
MGySgt William W. Hess USMC 2022
Brian A. Hibbeln Civilian 2004
Col Allison A. Hickey USAF/ANG 2003
CAPT Jonathan P. Hickey USCG 2019
RADM Alan B. Hicks USN 2003
CDR Angelina Hidalgo USCG 2020
LtCol Andrew C. Hietpas USMC 2023
CAPT Elizabeth M. S. Higgins USN 2023
Paul M. Higgins Civilian 2000
LtCol William R. Higgins USMC 1987
CDR Kate F. Higgins-Bloom USCG 2021
CAPT William H. Hilarides USN 2002
CAPT Patricia J. Hill USCG 2014
CAPT Katrina L. Hill USN 2019
CDR Robert C. Hillery USN 1992
Sheryl L. Hingorani Civilian 2013
Henry L. Hinton Jr. Civilian 1990
LTC Donald L. Hinton USA 1996
Howard H. Hirano Civilian 2000
CAPT Kathryn P. Hire USN 2013
MG William C. Hix USA 2016
Col Jennifer A. P. Hlavaty USAF 2023
Galen I. Ho Civilian 1989
COL John R. Hoag USA 1992
Raymond Hodgkins Civilian 2015
Dr. David M. Hodson Civilian 1993
Bernhard S. Hoenle Civilian 1999
Col Lawrence M. Hoffman USAF 2010
Ryan B. Hoffman Civilian 2014
Col Jeffrey A. Hokett USAF 2012
Gary D. Holcomb Civilian 1990
Errol T. Holcomb Civilian 2023
CAPT Timothy A. Holden USN 2000
LTC Hershel L. Holiday USA 2007
Col Gary W. Holland USAF 2005
M. Robin Holliday Civilian 2006
Caryn C. Hollis Civilian 2000
Bruce E. Hollywood Civilian 2011
CDR Rudy T. Holm USCG 2003
CDR Patrick T. Holub USN 2009
Mark W. Honecker Civilian 2002
Steven S. Honigman Civilian 1994
Mehlika O. Hoodbhoy Civilian 2019
BG Lynn C. Hooper USA 1988
John C. Hootman Civilian 2017
Donna L. Hopkins Civilian 2009
RADM Joseph A. Horn Jr. USN 2008
Col Hal M. Hornburg USAF 1987
Dr. John S. Horning Civilian 2005
Jonathan T. Horowitz Civilian 2021
Maj Terry Horton Jr. USMC 2015
Walter J. Hosey Civilian 2004
Col Gilmary M. Hostage III USAF 1994
CDR Derek P. Hotchkiss USN 2017
Col Michael A. Hough USMC 1994
Lt Col Edward H. Houle USAF 1993
LTC Ronald Houle USA 1998



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