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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CAPT Thomas F. Foster Jr. USN 2018
Dr. James J. Foster Civilian 1997
Dr. Michael S. Foster Civilian 2014
COL William G. Foster USA 1993
Megan Fotheringham Civilian 2021
LTC Vasilios N. Fotopoulos USA 2005
Mark M. Foulon Civilian 1991
Robert B. Fountain Civilian 2012
CAPT Charles W. Fowler III USN 2002
Kimberly M. Fowler Civilian 2020
COL James C. Fowler USA 2022
Lt Col Heather A. Fox USAF 2017
LCDR William B. Fox USN 2020
CAPT Lisa M. Franchetti USN 2012
Paul L. Francis Civilian 2005
Dr. Jerome B. Franck Civilian 2000
CAPT Michael T. Franken USN 2004
LTC Stephen L. Frankiewicz USA 1988
Col Carl E. Franklin USAF 1989
Cephas L. Franklin Civilian 2016
John Fredriksson Civilian 1999
Calvin E. Freeland Jr. Civilian 1990
James R. Freeman Civilian 2005
Dennis E. Freeman Civilian 2002
COL Waldo D. Freeman Jr. USA 1987
COL John A. Frick USA 2021
Dr. Barry E. Fridling Civilian 1996
Laura Frigenti Civilian 2016
Oliver H. Fritz III Civilian 2017
Dr. Charles D. Frizzelle Jr. Civilian 2007
Adam D. Frost Civilian 2016
CAPT Luke A. Frost USNR 2022
COL Candice E. Frost USA 2021
Maj Kelly Frushour USMC 2013
LTC Michael D. Fry USA 1988
William J. Fulkerson Civilian 1991
CAPT John V. Fuller USN 2010
Carol S. Fuller Civilian 2006
Col David D. Fulton USMC 1996
COL Joseph A. Funderburke USA 2021
CDR Neil E. Funtanilla USN 2009
Eugene P. Furst Civilian 2011
COL Stephen E. Gabavics USA 2020
CAPT Wilhelm M. Gabber USN 1993
Col Terry L. Gabreski USAF 1995
CAPT Donald D. Gabrielson USN 2011
Kelly P. Gaffney Civilian 2009
LTC Kathleen Gainey USA 1998
CAPT William J. Galinis USN 2005
Dennis Gallagher Civilian 1998
Col Wayne A. Gallo USAF/ANG 2001
Andrew R. Gallotta Civilian 2010
Timothy J. Galpin Civilian 2007
LtCol Joseph E. Galvin USMC 2014
CAPT Robert Gandolfo USCG 2015
CDR Vinton G. Garbesi USN 2001
Pablo Garcia Jr. Civilian 2015
LtCol Peter J. Garfield USMC 2009
COL Ronald J. Garner USA 2011
Geraldine G. Garrett Civilian 1995



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