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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
Col Terry L. Scherling USAF/ANG 2000
Col William P. Albro USAF/ANG 2004
Col Cynthia T. Islin USAF/ANG 2002
Col Allison A. Hickey USAF/ANG 2003
Brig Gen Charles V. Ickes II USAF/ANG 2004
Lt Col Mark L. Kalber USAF/ANG 1999
Col Brian G. Neal USAF/ANG 2011
Lt Col Cathy M. Rodriguez USAF/ANG 2006
Col Bradley A. Swanson USAF/ANG 2011
Col Wayne A. Gallo USAF/ANG 2001
Col Leslie R. Hyder USAF/ANG 2009
Col James D. Demeritt USAF/ANG 2007
Col Shariful M. Khan USAFR 2022
Col Andre A. McMillian USAFR 2021
Col Adrian R. Byers USAFR 2023
Col Timothy M. Welter USAFR 2022
Col Kevin J. Merrill USAFR 2021
Col Janette L. Thode USAFR 2023
Col Clifford M. Taylor USANG 2023
Col Daniel J. Brown USANG 2023
LTC Christopher H. Tison USAR 2023
COL Craig A. Barkley USAR 2016
COL Elaine M. Bower USAR 2023
COL Jamee L. Belsha USARNG 2023
COL Jon C. Eisberg USARNG 2023
CDR Timothy A. Tobiasz USCG 2010
CAPT Joel R. Whitehead USCG 1999
CAPT Daniel J. McClellan USCG 2005
CDR Gregory Tozzi USCG 2015
CDR Daniel J. Deptula USCG 2011
CDR Lawrence E. Greene USCG 2008
CDR Sandra L. Stosz USCG 2000
CDR Trevor E. Parra USCG 2022
CDR Zeita Merchant USCG 2016
CDR Robert P. Wagner USCG 2004
CAPT Bruce C. Jones USCG 2010
CAPT Patricia J. Hill USCG 2014
CAPT Jeffrey L. Radgowski USCG 2014
CAPT Charles L. Cashin III USCG 2017
CDR Wilborne E. Watson USCG 2017
CAPT Francis J. Sturm USCG 2008
CDR Catherine T. Carabine USCG 2022
CAPT James C. Howe USCG 2006
CAPT Robert Gandolfo USCG 2015
CDR George Hannifin USCG 2002
CAPT Norman B. Henslee USCG 1996
CAPT Charles W. Ray USCG 2006
CAPT Ronald A. LaBrec USCG 2012
CAPT Michele L. Schallip USCG 2023
CAPT Holly R. Harrison USCG 2019
CAPT Howard B. Gehring USCG 1993
CAPT Terry W. Sinclair USCG 1992
CAPT Roberto H. Torres USCG 2022
CDR Sally Brice-O'Hara USCG 1998
CDR Clayton L. Diamond USCG 2007
CAPT Olav R. Haneberg USCG 1994
CDR John J. Daly Jr. USCG 2009
CDR David L. Lersch USCG 2001
CDR Jason S. Smith USCG 2018
CDR William Woityra USCG 2019



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