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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
Brig Gen L. Eric Patterson USAF 2004
Col Alan C. Feldkamp USAF 1994
Brig Gen John B. Hall Jr. USAF 1996
Maj Gen Marcelite J. Harris USAF 1997
Col Derek M. Salmi USAF 2022
Lt Col Gary A. Winterberger USAF 1992
Col Stuart L. Alton USAF 1990
Col James H. Baker USAF 2009
Col Richard B. Bundy USAF 1995
Col Michael T. Gerock USAF 2016
Brig Gen Teddy E. Rinebarger USAF 1993
Col Jerald L. Folkerts USAF 1996
Col Terry L. Gabreski USAF 1995
Col Bryant P. Shaw USAF 1998
Col Gary R. Marlowe USAF 2021
Col Charles R. Henderson USAF 1993
Col Dennis L. Hunt USAF 2004
Col Benjamin W. Bishop USAF 2023
Lt Col Barry S. Wilson USAF 1988
Brig Gen Robert D. Bishop Jr. USAF 2001
Col Troy E. Dunn USAF 2013
Brig Gen Donald G. Hard USAF 1990
Col Troy S. Thomas USAF 2012
Col Steven L. Kwast USAF 2006
Col Alan L. Mink II USAF 2000
Brig Gen Robert R. Dierker USAF 1998
Col Stephanie A. Gass USAF 2010
Col James E. Haywood USAF 2007
Lt Col Matthew C. Isler USAF 2011
Col Kenneth A. Kissell USAF 1988
Col Walter D. Givhan USAF 2007
Col Dale T. Shirasago USAF 2004
Col Darren E. Hartford USAF 2010
Brig Gen Francis X. Taylor USAF 1998
Col Randall J. Larsen USAF 2000
Lt Col Philip G. Benjamin II USAF 1996
Brig Gen David L. Moody USAF 1999
Col Anthony D. Babcock USAF 2017
Col Norton A. Schwartz USAF 1994
Col William C. McDonald USAF 2021
Maj Gen Joseph E. Hurd USAF 1994
Col Scott P. Van Cleef USAF 1996
Col William P. Jensen USAF 2013
Col John A. Warden III USAF 1991
Col Jerrold P. Allen USAF 1990
Lt Col Scott A. Cain USAF 2014
Col Larry S. Chandler USAF 1996
Maj Gen Gary L. Curtin USAF 1993
Col John R. Ranck USAF 2008
Brig Gen Robert H. Foglesong USAF 1997
Lt Col Joseph R. Shannahan USAF 2002
Lt Col Steven R. Jones USAF 1992
Col Michael F. LoGrande USAF 2010
Brig Gen Joseph T. Callahan III USAF 2009
Lt Col Paul A. Mancinelli USAF 2016
Col Terry L. Scherling USAF/ANG 2000
Col Kirk S. Pierce USAF/ANG 2014
Col William P. Albro USAF/ANG 2004
Col Cynthia T. Islin USAF/ANG 2002
Col Allison A. Hickey USAF/ANG 2003



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