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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CAPT Paul J. Jackson USN 1997
Emily S. Jackson Civilian 2013
CAPT David L. Jackson USN 1995
Marian Christine Jackson Civilian 2023
CAPT Walter B. Jackson USN 2004
CDR Kristin E. Jacobsen USN 2011
Roberta S. Jacobson Civilian 1992
Patricia A. Jacubec Civilian 1996
Walter Jajko Civilian 1990
Philip C. Jamison Civilian 2000
CDR Jeffrey G. Janaro USCG 2021
Richard Jao Civilian 2015
CAPT Mark M. Jarek USN 2016
COL Craig S. Jayson USA 2021
LTC Nancy W. Jean-Louis USA 2011
LtCol Edward L Jeep USMC 2010
Dr. Charles J. Jefferson Civilian 1989
LTC Harley P. Jennings USA 2020
Col William P. Jensen USAF 2013
Hali Jilani Civilian 2005
Karma D. Job Civilian 2002
Richard J. Johannessen Jr. Civilian 1995
Col Paul T. Johnson USAF 2008
CAPT Larry C. Johnson USN 2000
COL Michael L. Johnson USA 2017
CDR Kelly M. Johnson USN 2004
CAPT Gregory G. Johnson USN 1992
Ashley G. Johnson Civilian 2010
Robert L. Johnson Civilian 2007
Victor J. Johnson Civilian 1994
Eric A. Johnson Civilian 2017
RADM Ian L. Johnson USN 2023
William Johnson Civilian 2001
Owen B. Johnson Civilian 1990
COL Michael W. Johnson USA 2010
RADM Arthur J. Johnson Jr. USN 2012
Brig Gen Michelle D. Johnson USAF 2007
Harold J. Johnson Civilian 1994
Craig M. Johnson Civilian 2017
Arthur E. Johnson Civilian 1987
Clayton M. Jones Civilian 1991
CAPT Bruce C. Jones USCG 2010
Kimberly R. Jones Civilian 2021
Brig Gen Walter I. Jones USAF 2001
Col Thomas S. Jones USMC 1993
Brig Gen C. Jerome Jones USAF 1991
Brig Gen Noel T. Jones USAF 2009
CDR F. Thomas Jones USN 1999
COL Douglas D. Jones USA 2022
Lt Col Steven R. Jones USAF 1992
LtCol William R. Jones USMC 1987
LCDR Eric C. Jones USCG 2002
Dr. Gary J. Jones Civilian 1997
Lt Col James R. Jordan USAF 2006
CDR Elizabeth H. Josephson USN 2022
Col Jan-Marc Jouas USAF 2002
LTC Barbara L. Joyce USA 2008
CDR Werner H. Jurinka USN 2004
COL James W. Kaine USA 2017
Lt Col Mark L. Kalber USAF/ANG 1999



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