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Rank First Namesort descending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
LtCol Leo S. Gregory USMC 2017
Dr. Leon Weintraub Civilian 1991
Leonard G. Litton III Civilian 2016
Dr. Leonard T. Reinsfelder Civilian 2002
CAPT Leonard G. Goff USN 2004
Leonid A. Godunov Civilian 2020
Col Leroy Barnidge Jr. USAF 1991
LtCol Leroy B. Butler USMC 2022
CDR Leslie A. Mintz USN 2022
Leslie A. Bassett Civilian 1996
Col Leslie R. Hyder USAF/ANG 2009
Hon. Leslie V. Rowe Civilian 1993
Limnyuy B. Konglim Civilian 2022
Lincoln R. Mui Civilian 2004
MAJ Lincoln D. Leibner USA 2008
Linda C. Sadler Civilian 1996
Amb. Linda E. Watt Civilian 1997
RDML Linda R. Wackerman USNR 2016
Linda A. Poteat Civilian 2010
Linda Hartz Civilian 1988
Linda M. Cowher Civilian 2001
Linda M. Kiyosaki Civilian 2009
Lindsay K. Coates Civilian 2009
Col Lisa M. Mabbutt USAF 2022
Lisa M. Shaler Civilian 2022
Lisa K. Cramer Civilian 2012
Lisa A. Blodgett Civilian 2008
Lisa S. Disbrow Civilian 2005
CAPT Lisa M. Franchetti USN 2012
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty Civilian 1995
Dr. Lois A. Aroian Civilian 2004
COL Lonnie L. Stith USA 2002
CDR Loren V. Heckelman USN 2000
Loren R. Larson Civilian 1991
Loriann M. Caldwell Civilian 2013
Lorraine Sherman Civilian 2017
COL Louis Rago II USA 2015
CAPT Luke A. Frost USNR 2022
Maj Luke Fabiunke USMC 2015
Luke H. Collin Civilian 2023
LtCol Lyle M. Harrison USMC 2006
Col Lyle O. Armel III USMC 2007
BG Lynn C. Hooper USA 1988
Lynne McCann Civilian 2012
Lynne J. Wilder Civilian 2003
Lynne H. Rogers Civilian 2003
LTC M. Alan Perryman USA 2007
M. Robin Holliday Civilian 2006
Dr. M. Brad Parks Civilian 1997
Madeline A. Rose Civilian 2019
Magdalena A. Bajll Civilian 2014
Majorie L. Tatro Civilian 2009
Lt Col Maki T. Livesay USAF 2012
Col Malcolm L. Ogilvie Jr. USMC 1992
RADM Malcom I. Fages USN 1996
Dr. Mallory P. Ladd Civilian 2023
Col Mansour G. Elhihi USAF 2021
MAJ Manuel R. Melendez USA 2005
Marc M. Wall Civilian 2002
Maj Marc D. Beaudreau USMC 2016



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