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Rank First Namesort descending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Col Kimberly K. Toney USAF 2005
Col Kimberly D. Olson USAF 2002
Kimberly R. Jones Civilian 2021
Kimberly M. Fowler Civilian 2020
CDR Kirk A. Michealson USN 1999
Col Kirk S. Pierce USAF/ANG 2014
LTC Kitefre K. Oboho USA 2019
Krista Z. Auchenbach Civilian 2019
Kristen A. Gunness Civilian 2011
CDR Kristin E. Jacobsen USN 2011
LtCol Kristina K. Griffin USMC 2012
Maj Kristofer A. Skidmore USMC 2017
CDR Kristopher R. Ensley USCG 2023
CAPT Kristy D. McCallum USN 2017
Krystyna M. Kolesar Civilian 1997
Col Kurt F. Neubauer USAF 2006
CAPT Kurt W. Tidd USN 2003
CDR Kyle S. Moses USN 2010
Kyung Choe Civilian 2019
CAPT L. David Marquet USN 2008
Brig Gen L. Eric Patterson USAF 2004
CDR Lance O. Benton USCG 2004
Lance M. Killoran Civilian 1998
Col Lansford E. Trapp Jr. USAF 1993
Larry A. Lawson Civilian 2006
LtCol Larry S. Schmidt USMC 1989
Col Larry S. Chandler USAF 1996
CAPT Larry C. Johnson USN 2000
BG Larry G. Lehowicz USA 1989
Larry L. Poe Jr. Civilian 2016
Larry S. Walker Civilian 2001
CAPT Larry Seaquist USN 1989
Larry J. McQuien Civilian 2003
Latrisha D. Chappin Civilian 2016
Laura Frigenti Civilian 2016
Laura A. Odell Civilian 2017
Laura B. Sherman Civilian 1992
Dr. Laura R. Gilliom Civilian 1993
Dr. Laura Itle Civilian 2011
Laura J. Farrar Civilian 2023
Col Laura Falkenbach USMC 2015
Dr. Laura Kennedy Civilian 2015
Lauren R. Landis Civilian 2002
Lawrence E. Ewert Civilian 1998
CDR Lawrence E. Greene USCG 2008
Dr. Lawrence C. Schuette Civilian 2009
Lawrence J. Boteler Civilian 1995
Lawrence K. Robinson Civilian 1991
Lawrence G. Rossin Civilian 1994
Lawrence B. Stollar Civilian 1997
Col Lawrence M. Hoffman USAF 2010
Lawrence Castro Civilian 1997
Lawrence R. Chalmer Civilian 1995
Dr. LeAnn Miller Civilian 2015
CAPT Lee H.C. Little Civilian 2003
Brig Gen Lee A. Denson Jr. USAF 1987
Lee P. Ruddle Civilian 1993
Lee C. Green Civilian 2018
LTC Lee E. Medley USA 2012
Maj Leif C. Halverson USMC 2022



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