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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CAPT John E. Cage USN 2020
Col Barbara S. Cain USAF 2003
Lt Col Scott A. Cain USAF 2014
James J. Cain Civilian 1992
Loriann M. Caldwell Civilian 2013
RADM John F. Calhoun USN 1987
Shawn M. Cali Civilian 2009
Brig Gen Joseph T. Callahan III USAF 2009
Ann Marie Calvaresi-Barr Civilian 2006
CAPT Stephen J. Camacho USN 2006
MAJ Erica L. Cameron USA 2014
Lt Col Jason A. Camilletti USAF 2017
Dr. Ann N. Campbell Civilian 2010
Brig Gen Frank B. Campbell USAF 1994
Ryan A. Canady Civilian 2020
Maj Rafael Candelario II USMC 2012
CAPT Jeffrey L. Canfield USN 2005
James A. Cangialosi Civilian 2022
COL Cameron M. Cantlon USA 2018
CAPT Hung Cao USN 2019
Maj Jarrad S. Caola USMC 2017
LCDR George S. Capen USN 2001
CDR John R. Caplis USCG 2005
CDR Catherine T. Carabine USCG 2022
LTC James J. Carafano USA 1999
LTC Edward C. Cardon USA 2002
John M. Cardwell Civilian 1997
David W. Carey Civilian 1989
Anne E. Carlin Civilian 2018
Brig Gen Herbert J. Carlisle USAF 2005
LTC James F. Carlisle USA 2013
David D. Carlson Civilian 2001
CAPT Andrew F. Carlson USN 2023
Col Eric A. Carney USAF 2017
CAPT James M. Carr USN 2007
Dr. Nicholas J. Carrera Civilian 1994
CDR Clinton A. Carroll USN 2011
LtCol Patrick J. Carroll USMC 2007
Col Michael Carter USMC 2015
CAPT C. Earl Carter USN 2009
LTC Thomas E. Cartledge USA 2006
Col James E. Cartwright USMC 1994
CAPT Anthony C. Carullo USN 2014
COL Simon J. Carvel USA 2022
CAPT Ann E. Casey USN 2020
LTC George W. Casey Jr. USA 1991
CAPT Charles L. Cashin III USCG 2017
Lt Col Jeffrey B. Cashman USAF 2008
Col Jeffrey L. Caspers USMC 2004
CAPT Charles J. Cassidy USN 2011
Jill M. Cassube Civilian 2019
Michael A. Castelli Civilian 2020
Maj Jeffrey C. Castiglione USMC 2020
Dr. Ariel Castillo Civilian 2015
Lawrence Castro Civilian 1997
Ronnie S. Catipon Civilian 2016
David M. Cattler Civilian 2005
COL Randall G. Catts USA 1997
Paula J. Causey Civilian 1990
Amb. Carey E. Cavanaugh Civilian 1995



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