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Rank First Name Middle Namesort descending Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
John S. Tomko Jr. Civilian 2001
Lt Col Maynard S. Osborne USAF 2013
Penelope S. Anderson Civilian 2008
Larry S. Walker Civilian 2001
Andrew S. Lim Civilian 2017
CDR Mark S. Young USN 2002
LTC Ara S. Manjikian USA 2005
Timothy S. Muchmore Civilian 2012
Emily S. Jackson Civilian 2013
Jeffery S. Deitenbeck Civilian 2016
CDR Joseph S. DuFresne USCG 2011
COL Craig S. Jayson USA 2021
Sandra S. Oudkirk Civilian 2010
Brig Gen David S. Fadok USAF 2008
Neil S. Gipson Civilian 2022
Lt Col Barry S. Wilson USAF 1988
Patricia S. Gingrich Civilian 2001
Elizabeth S. Bush Civilian 2005
Col Barbara S. Cain USAF 2003
Kathleen S. McDonald Civilian 2008
Mark S. McTague Civilian 2005
Shelby S. Oakley Civilian 2019
CDR Mark S. Meservey USCG 2009
Roberta S. Jacobson Civilian 1992
Lisa S. Disbrow Civilian 2005
LtCol Jeremy S. Winters USMC 2020
Col Jeff S. Kojac USMC 2016
CAPT Christi S. Montgomery USN 2021
Col Bradley S. Baker USAF 2001
LtCol Leo S. Gregory USMC 2017
CAPT George S. Rhodes USN 1997
CAPT Adam S. Levitt USN 2006
CDR Frederick S. Gay USN 1992
Anjanette S. Knappenberger Civilian 2018
Col John S. Fitzpatrick USMC 2014
Yong S. Lee Civilian 2014
LTC Frank S. Clark III USA 2008
CAPT Charles S. Merrill IV USN 2019
Jason S. Siminski Civilian 2008
Randall S. Spadoni Civilian 2019
Bernhard S. Hoenle Civilian 1999
CDR Kyle S. Moses USN 2010
CAPT Kenneth S. Long USN 2016
COL John S. Kelsey USA 1989
CDR Kevin S. Apel USN 2003
Gregory S. Avicola Civilian 2017
Col Craig S. Kozeniesky USMC 2013
LtCol Joseph S. Lee USMC 2017
Carol S. Fuller Civilian 2006
Maj Charles S. Sandusky USAF 2017
LTC Aaron S. Turner USA 2022
Dr. Michael S. Foster Civilian 2014
LtCol Larry S. Schmidt USMC 1989
LTC Christian S. Griggs USA 2014
LtCol Michael S. Cederholm USMC 2010
RADM Robert S. Harward USN 2006
COL Craig S. Roseberry USA 2019
Daniel S. Wang Civilian 2019
CAPT Jane S. O'Dea USN 1995
Maj Jarrad S. Caola USMC 2017



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