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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
CDR George Hannifin USCG 2002
LtCol Peter R. Stenner USMC 1989
Col James E. Haywood USAF 2007
CAPT Francis J. Sturm USCG 2008
Cara L. Thanassi Civilian 2005
CAPT James C. Howe USCG 2006
RADM Patricia A. Tracey USN 1994
Lt Col Matthew C. Isler USAF 2011
CAPT George J. Vassilakis USN 2010
Robert L. Johnson Civilian 2007
Nancy M. Kassner Civilian 1995
LtCol William A. Whitlow USMC 1992
Lance M. Killoran Civilian 1998
COL Richard H. Witherspoon USA 1991
Nathan P. Zee Civilian 2008
Col Randall J. Larsen USAF 2000
Penelope S. Anderson Civilian 2008
Rose Likins Civilian 1998
Susan M. Lee Bales Civilian 1993
Dr. Ronald R. Luman Civilian 2005
Greg B. Bogut Civilian 2002
Robert C. McCormack Civilian 1988
MAJ Richard R. Brennan USA 1994
Jolene K. McNamara Civilian 2007
RADM William R. Burke USN 2009
Charles E. Meyers Civilian 2000
Brig Gen David L. Moody USAF 1999
BG Richard A. Chilcoat USA 1993
Robert R. Colwell Civilian 2011
RADM David Oliver USN 1988
Dr. Bruce G. Danly Civilian 2010
Shelley Deutch Civilian 1997
Linda A. Poteat Civilian 2010
Michael E. Reborchick Civilian 2010
LCDR Carol J. Ellis USN 1995
Col Donald E. Fick USAF/ANG 2005
Lee P. Ruddle Civilian 1993
Paul L. Francis Civilian 2005
Dr. Christopher J. Savos Civilian 2008
COL Ronald J. Garner USA 2011
CAPT Larry Seaquist USN 1989
Col Walter D. Givhan USAF 2007
Col Dale T. Shirasago USAF 2004
Peter Grier Civilian 1989
CAPT James R. Stark USN 1991
Col Darren E. Hartford USAF 2010
James N. Strock Civilian 2004
Brian A. Hibbeln Civilian 2004
Brig Gen Francis X. Taylor USAF 1998
Dr. John S. Horning Civilian 2005
Jason P. Hyland Civilian 1994
CDR Werner H. Jurinka USN 2004
Dana W. White Civilian 2011
Martha N. Kessler Civilian 1992
Ann K. Korky Civilian 1995
Wendy A. Young Civilian 2005
CDR Michael J. Landers USN 1993
Col Jerrold P. Allen USAF 1990
Neil A. Levine Civilian 2010
COL Arthur W. Bailey USA 1992



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