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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
LtCol Barry C. Neulen USMC 2004
Col Daniel C. Hahne USMC 2007
LtCol Bert B. Tussing USMC 1996
Maj John P. Williams USMC 2005
Col Ross A. Brown USMC 1989
Col Michael Ouzts USMC 2015
LtCol George J. David Jr. USMC 2017
Col Michael Duva USMC 2001
LtCol Phillip J. Ridderhof USMC 2003
LtCol Michael A. George USMC 1999
Maj Ashley B. Christman USMC 2021
MSgt Michael W. MacKay USMC 2021
Lt Col Curtis I. Shreve USMC 2021
LtCol Aaron D. Weiss USMC 2010
LtCol Douglas R. Kleinsmith USMC 2005
Col Robert O. Work USMC 1998
Col Jeffrey L. Caspers USMC 2004
Col James T. Conway USMC 1993
Maj Eric R. Quehl USMC 2008
LtCol Robert C. Rice USMC 2012
Lt. Colonel Jacob V. Crespin USMC 2022
Maj Donald J. Thieme II USMC 2001
Maj Christopher Y. Kim USMC 2022
LtCol David Vetter USMC 1988
LtCol Michael Lindemann USMC 2009
LtCol Siebrand H. Niewenhous IV USMC 2014
LtCol Jeffrey McCormack USMC 2015
Col George F. Milburn USMC 2009
LtCol Patrick J. Carroll USMC 2007
LtCol Jeffrey N. Rule USMC 2009
Maj Jeffrey C. Castiglione USMC 2020
LtCol Eric P. Tee USMC 2020
CAPT Jan M. van Tol USN 2003
CAPT Joseph P. Mulloy USN 2002
CDR Kevin P. Newmeyer USN 2000
RADM Robert J. Cox USN 2006
CAPT Francis A. Razzano USN 2005
CDR Brian P. Elkowitz USN 2010
LCDR Errol A. Robinson USN 2013
CAPT Robert C. De Tolve USN 2019
CAPT Peter R. Smith USN 1991
Harry B. Harris Jr. USN 2000
CAPT Daniel D. Thompson USN 1998
CAPT Christopher T. Wilson USN 1991
CAPT Peter J. Brennan USN 2014
CAPT Donald E. Babcock USN 2002
CAPT Christopher Cavanaugh USN 2015
CAPT James R. Custer USN 2009
CAPT Matthew J. Bonner USN 2018
CAPT Jean M. Sando USN 2001
CAPT Donald D. Gabrielson USN 2011
CDR Christopher S. Gilmore USN 2020
RADM Eric H. Ver Hage USN 2021
CAPT David L. Jackson USN 1995
CDR Thomas E. Mangold USN 2004
CAPT Kenneth S. Long USN 2016
CDR Kyle S. Moses USN 2010
CAPT Michael F. O'Brien USN 1988
CAPT Robert E. Wirth USN 2017
CDR John M. Richardson USN 1998



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