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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Classsort ascending
James C. MacDougall Civilian 1997
LCDR Eugene F. Moran Jr. USN 1997
Gene A. Cretz Civilian 1997
Dr. Gary J. Jones Civilian 1997
Diane Lafferman Civilian 1997
RADM John J. Donnelly USN 1997
Elsie L. Munsell Civilian 1997
Dr. Alan Whittaker Civilian 1997
Janet E. Platt Civilian 1997
Brig Gen Ronald T. Sconyers USAF 1997
Dr. Wilson N. Felder Civilian 1997
Dr. Caroline F. Ziemke Civilian 1997
Dr. Wilhelm B. Gauster Civilian 1997
LtCol Rick L. Reece USMC 1997
Carol G. Finerty Civilian 1997
Frederick P. Biery Civilian 1997
COL Randall G. Catts USA 1997
BG Bruce K. Scott USA 1997
Maj Gen Marcelite J. Harris USAF 1997
Krystyna M. Kolesar Civilian 1997
Matthias J. Mitman Civilian 1997
COL Daniel P. Brownlee USA 1997
Col Patricia J. Harrington USAF 1997
COL Michael J. Pearce USA 1997
CAPT James Stavridis USN 1997
Amb. Linda E. Watt Civilian 1997
Col Frederick L. Wieners USAF 1997
LTC J. Clarke Bursley USA 1997
CAPT Paul J. Jackson USN 1997
Gwenyth E. Todd Civilian 1997
Dennis H. Alvey Civilian 1997
John M. Cardwell Civilian 1997
CAPT George S. Rhodes USN 1997
COL Daniel F. Lally USA 1997
Dr. M. Brad Parks Civilian 1997
CDR Dennis J. Murphy USN 1997
CDR Edmund O'Callaghan USN 1997
Michael M. Thomas Civilian 1997
CAPT Edward C. Ferriter USN 1997
Dr. Michael A. Miller III Civilian 1996
Cree S. Dawson Civilian 1996
Albert A. Pisani Civilian 1996
Brig Gen Tome H. Walters Jr. USAF 1996
Dr. Dale W. Schaefer Civilian 1996
CDR William J. Toti USN 1996
Ben L. Bonk Civilian 1996
BG Claudia J. Kennedy USA 1996
COL David M. Koch USA 1996
LtCol Bert B. Tussing USMC 1996
Raymond J. Decker Civilian 1996
Mary Desjeans Civilian 1996
COL John R. Gingrich USA 1996
Stephen V. Mladineo Civilian 1996
Col Scott P. Van Cleef USAF 1996
Col Larry S. Chandler USAF 1996
CAPT Norman B. Henslee USCG 1996
Col Mary S. McCully USAF 1996
CDR Robert F. Wood Jr. USN 1996
R. Lucas Fischer Civilian 1996
Col James A. Hawkins USAF 1996



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