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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
Frank A. Tapparo Civilian 1989
CDR Rudy T. Holm USCG 2003
Andrew W. Hull Civilian 2000
Col John H. Turner USMC 2000
CDR Kristin E. Jacobsen USN 2011
Bruce C. Walker Civilian 2004
Clayton M. Jones Civilian 1991
Col Randall L. West USMC 1995
CDR Richard L. Williams USN 2001
Karl E. Wycoff Civilian 1989
CDR Brent J. Kyler USN 2006
CAPT David B. Adler USN 2010
Dr. Robert W. Leland Civilian 2010
CAPT Joseph P. Aucoin USN 2007
Jaan A. Loger Civilian 1995
COL Thomas H. Barth USA 2009
Robert D. Manogue Civilian 2000
Brig Gen Billy J. Bingham USAF 1991
Thomas C. Braden Civilian 2011
Col Anne E. McGee USAF 2005
COL Montgomery C. Meigs USA 1989
Shawn M. Cali Civilian 2009
Brig Gen Bob L. Mitchell USAF 1992
Susan L. Clark-Sestak Civilian 1995
COL John D. Nelson USA 2009
LtCol Adam J. Copp USMC 2006
Col Stephen G. Cullen USAF 2000
LTC Yeong-Tae Pak USA 2006
Nancy Dolan Civilian 2007
Todd S. Ramsey Civilian 1994
CAPT Steven L. Richter USN 2005
Col John S. Fairfield USAF 1987
COL Robert B. Rosenkranz USA 1989
Col James C. Flynn USMC 1994
Col David D. Fulton USMC 1996
LTC Karl K. Schneider USA 2011
COL Michael D. Shaler USA 1991
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty Civilian 1995
COL Michael W. Hackerson USA 1999
Brig Gen Glenn F. Spears USAF 2006
LTC William T. Harmon USA 2007
CAPT Marvin H. Heinze USN 2004
Robert Swartz Civilian 1999
Gary D. Holcomb Civilian 1990
Michael M. Thomas Civilian 1997
Maria A. Trejo Civilian 2005
COL Walter F. Ivanjack USA 1991
LTC Howard J. von Kaenel USA 1987
Dr. Leon Weintraub Civilian 1991
COL Thomas A. Kelley USA 2001
Col Paul L. Wilke USAF 1992
Julia L. Klare Civilian 1998
James P. Woolsey Civilian 2007
Jeanne Y. Zimmer Civilian 1988
Carolyn L. Little Civilian 2008
CAPT John W. Barnhill USN 2005
James N. Bexfield Civilian 2006
Raymond D. Maxwell Civilian 2011
CDR Joseph F. Bouchard USN 1996
Kathleen S. McDonald Civilian 2008



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