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Ranksort descending First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Col Donald E. Fick USAF/ANG 2005
COL John P. DiGiambattista USA 2019
COL Ronald J. Garner USA 2011
Col Daniel C. Hahne USMC 2007
Col William C. McDonald USAF 2021
COL George C. Hackler USA 2022
Col Scott P. Van Cleef USAF 1996
Col William P. Jensen USAF 2013
Col John A. Warden III USAF 1991
COL Christian L. Werner USA 2023
Col Jerrold P. Allen USAF 1990
COL Arthur W. Bailey USA 1992
COL Benjamin Crockett USA 2015
Col Larry S. Chandler USAF 1996
COL Frank P. Oakley USA 1992
COL William G. Foster USA 1993
COL John T. Novak USA 2019
Col Norton A. Schwartz USAF 1994
COL James C. Fowler USA 2022
COL Kareem P. Montague USA 2022
COL Jamee L. Belsha USARNG 2023
COL David M. Koch USA 1996
Col Donald A. Ahern USAF/ANG 2007
Col Michael F. LoGrande USAF 2010
Col Ross A. Brown USMC 1989
Col Michael Ouzts USMC 2015
Col John R. Ranck USAF 2008
Col Michael Duva USMC 2001
Col William A. Matney USAF 2020
Col William E. Stevens USAF 1994
Col A. Stacy Huber USAF 1988
Col Jay W. Kelley USAF 1987
Col Robert O. Work USMC 1998
COL Henry A. Zimon USA 1994
Col Leroy Barnidge Jr. USAF 1991
Col Kirk S. Pierce USAF/ANG 2014
COL Susan F. Bryant USA 2016
Col Jeffrey L. Caspers USMC 2004
Col James T. Conway USMC 1993
Col Gregory S. Otey USAF 2012
Col Terry L. Scherling USAF/ANG 2000
Col Oscar Delgado USAF 2020
Col Gregory D. Glover USAF 2007
COL Charles C. Luke II USA 2020
COL Don M. Snider USA 1989
COL Sean C. Nowlan USA 2021
COL Joseph Kaufmann Jr. USA 1999
Col Ronald L. Barber USAF 1995
Col Charles W. Lyon USAF 2002
Col Jose M. Boluda USAF 2003
Col George F. Milburn USMC 2009
COL Spurgeon A. Moore II USA 2001
COL Daniel W. Christman USA 1987
Col Kathleen M. Conley USAF 2001
COL Peter N. Benchoff USA 2017
COL Eric T. Olson USA 1998
Col Robert A. Preiss USA 2013
Col Carl E. Franklin USAF 1989
COL Craig S. Roseberry USA 2019
Col James P. Hughes Jr. USAF 2020



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