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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort ascending Suffix Alumni Service Class
Maj Ryan K. Hazlett USMC 2013
Michael W. Hazen Civilian 2007
Col James E. Haywood USAF 2007
RDML Kevin C. Hayes USNR 2017
Col James A. Hawkins USAF 1996
Dr. Kathleen H. Hawk Civilian 2023
William C. Hatchett Civilian 2016
CAPT Karl M. Hasslinger USN 1999
RADM Robert S. Harward USN 2006
Col Ronald E. Harvey USAF 2005
Linda Hartz Civilian 1988
Daniel J. Hartmann Civilian 2005
COL Jeffry W. Hartman USA 2016
Col Darren E. Hartford USAF 2010
Craig K. Hart Civilian 2021
Col Christian D. Harshberger USMC 2019
David J. Harrop Civilian 2003
LtCol Lyle M. Harrison USMC 2006
CAPT Holly R. Harrison USCG 2019
RDML Sinclair M. Harris USN 2012
CAPT R. Robinson Harris USN 1990
Brig Gen Stayce D. Harris USAF 2012
Harry B. Harris Jr. USN 2000
COL Bruce A. Harris USA 1990
CAPT Gregory N. Harris USN 2016
Steven E. Harris Civilian 2004
Maj Gen Marcelite J. Harris USAF 1997
Col Patricia J. Harrington USAF 1997
COL Michael V. Harper USA 1990
Col Brendon G. Harper USMC 2019
Reno L. Harnish III Civilian 1996
Nancy J. Harned Civilian 2003
VADM Alfred G. Harms Jr. USN 2002
LTC William T. Harmon USA 2007
BG Garrick M. Harmon USA 2018
Col William Harley USMC 1991
LtCol Darren L. Hargis USMC 2005
Brig Gen Donald G. Hard USAF 1990
Lt Col William E. Hanson USAF 1997
Dr. Heather D. Hanson Civilian 2011
Col Erik W. Hansen USAF 2011
Robert M. Hansen Civilian 1990
LTC William W. Hansen USA 1988
LTC Jeffery A. Hannon USA 2012
CDR George Hannifin USCG 2002
Mark Hannafin Civilian 2015
CAPT James S. Hanna USN 1999
Mark H. Hanna Civilian 2007
CAPT Olav R. Haneberg USCG 1994
Dr. James L. Handrock Civilian 2003
Bonnie M. Hammersley Civilian 1994
David E. Hamilton Jr. Civilian 2006
Dr. Chekita Hamilton Civilian 2015
CAPT William L. Hamilton III USN 1994
John R. Hamilton Civilian 1993
CAPT Janice M. Hamby USN 2005
Maj Leif C. Halverson USMC 2022
COL Ralph A. Hallenbeck III USA 1988
CDR Christopher W. Hall USN 2017
Thomas W. Hall Civilian 2002



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