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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
David L. Keese Civilian 2009
CDR Stanley O. Keeve Jr. USN 2012
Richard F. Keevey Civilian 1995
COL Mollie E. Keith USA 2024
Patrick N. Kelleher Civilian 2018
Andrew P. Kelley Civilian 2018
Col Jay W. Kelley USAF 1987
COL Thomas A. Kelley USA 2001
Kevin Kelly Civilian 2002
LtCol John F. Kelly USMC 2020
CDR James D. Kelly USN 1994
Todd C. Kelly Civilian 2022
Timothy P. Kelly Civilian 2019
CDR Scott J. Kelly USCG 2012
COL John S. Kelsey USA 1989
LtCol Gregg R. Kendrick USMC 2009
Susan B. Kennedy Civilian 2012
Dr. Laura Kennedy Civilian 2015
BG Claudia J. Kennedy USA 1996
LtCol Jonathan Q. Kenney USMC 2022
Sarah Kenny Civilian 2015
CAPT Mark W. Kenny USN 2001
Maj Rory Kent USMC 2015
Dr. Joseph M. Keogh Civilian 1999
Josh Kerbel Civilian 2008
Vincent D. Kern III Civilian 1991
Gregory A. Kern Civilian 2011
Erin M. Kern Civilian 2014
Maj William T. Kerrigan USMC 2022
James J. Kessinger Civilian 1990
CDR George A. Kessler USN 2016
Martha N. Kessler Civilian 1992
Col Steven L. Kett USAF 2010
MAJ Todd E. Key USA 2004
Col Shariful M. Khan USAFR 2022
CDR Curtis A. Khol USN 2005
Peter P. Kiemel Civilian 2007
CDR James W. Kilby USN 2008
Gregory T. Kiley Civilian 2003
Lance M. Killoran Civilian 1998
Maj Christopher Y. Kim USMC 2022
LTC Chris A. King USA 2002
Nancy Kingsbury Civilian 1988
Susan C. Kinney Civilian 2003
Richard G. Kirkland Civilian 2004
Ronald K. Kiss Civilian 1995
CDR Thomas K. Kiss USN 2005
Col Kenneth A. Kissell USAF 1988
Ellen Kitt Civilian 2022
Brian Kiviat Civilian 2002
Linda M. Kiyosaki Civilian 2009
Julia L. Klare Civilian 1998
CAPT Mark F. Klein USN 2020
LtCol Douglas R. Kleinsmith USMC 2005
CDR Steven E. Klemencic USN 1999
Col Jean E. Klick USAF 1988
Martha V. Klinck Civilian 2019
Daniel M. Klippstein Civilian 2014
Michael Kluse Civilian 2002
Anjanette S. Knappenberger Civilian 2018



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