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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort ascending Alumni Service Class
CAPT Holly R. Harrison USCG 2019
Kenneth C. Sholes Civilian 2019
Col Oscar Delgado USAF 2020
Col William A. Matney USAF 2020
Marcia K. Wong Civilian 2020
David M. Isaacson Civilian 2021
CAPT William E. Pilcher USN 2021
CAPT Kathryn P. Hire USN 2013
Lt. Colonel Jacob V. Crespin USMC 2022
Col A. Stacy Huber USAF 1988
CAPT Craig T. Mattingly USN 2022
LTC Clifton B. Trout USA 2013
David R. White Civilian 2022
CAPT R. James Abbott USN 1992
CAPT Derek B. Granger USN 2014
Col Kirk S. Pierce USAF/ANG 2014
MAJ Judd D. Mahfouz USA 2013
Farrah Barrios Civilian 2015
Cari A. Bower Civilian 2012
CAPT Patrick Gibbons USN 2015
Maren C. Brooks Civilian 2012
COL Susan F. Bryant USA 2016
BG David P. Komar USA 2016
CAPT David G. Schappert USN 2016
Lt Col Jason A. Camilletti USAF 2017
CAPT Shawn P. Malone USN 2017
Col Gregory S. Otey USAF 2012
Juan J. Torres Civilian 2017
Lt Col Michael J. Peeler USAF 2018
LtCol Robert C. Rice USMC 2012
Dr. Morgan M. Dwyer Civilian 2019
COL Craig S. Roseberry USA 2019
Maj Jeffrey C. Castiglione USMC 2020
Dr. Barbara A. Seiders Civilian 1993
LtCol Eric P. Tee USMC 2020
Craig K. Hart Civilian 2021
COL Sean C. Nowlan USA 2021
CAPT Chad M. Brooks USN 2022
G. Mark Terhune Civilian 2004
Maj Christopher Y. Kim USMC 2022
CAPT Roberto H. Torres USCG 2022
LtCol David Vetter USMC 1988
Gavin G. Kratz Civilian 2013
LtCol Michael Lindemann USMC 2009
MAJ Timothy E. Wolfe USA 2014
Angel L. Matos Civilian 2009
James Finch Civilian 2015
LtCol Jeffrey McCormack USMC 2015
William McNavage Civilian 2013
Jeffrey M. Avery Civilian 2016
MG William C. Hix USA 2016
Lt Col Shellie R. Ramirez USAF 2016
COL Peter N. Benchoff USA 2017
CAPT Robert D. Katz USN 2017
Lorraine Sherman Civilian 2017
Susan E. Durham Civilian 2018
Col Robert A. Preiss USA 2013
Roland D. McKay Civilian 2018
Ann Marie Yastishock Civilian 2018
Robert B. Fountain Civilian 2012



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