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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
LTC Samuel W. Curtis USA 2010
CAPT Bobby J. Pannell USN 2011
Col Kenneth M. Decuir USAF 1999
Susan Y. Pickering Civilian 2008
Col William R. Donnelly USMC 1990
Charles Randow Civilian 1988
LtCol Andrew L. East USMC 2011
CAPT William R. Farawell USN 2001
Robert G. Ross Civilian 2005
CAPT Robert A. Sanders USN 2010
Eugene P. Furst Civilian 2011
Sten Schreiber Civilian 1990
George A. Gerliczy Civilian 2010
Joel Shapiro Civilian 2006
COL Gregory J. Hadfield USA 2011
CDR James M. Spence USN 2001
Nancy J. Harned Civilian 2003
Lawrence B. Stollar Civilian 1997
Robert P. Helfant Civilian 2006
Dr. Alan P. Sylwester Civilian 1998
LTC Hershel L. Holiday USA 2007
James C. Hundt Civilian 2011
LTC Andrew B. Twomey USA 1995
Patricia A. Jacubec Civilian 1996
Dr. Nancy J. Walker Civilian 1998
Col Thomas S. Jones USMC 1993
CAPT Mark W. Kenny USN 2001
Col Ronald D. Yaggi USAF 2000
Dr. Edward J. Lacey Civilian 1993
Sterling K. Ainsworth Civilian 2009
Joyce A. Augustyn Civilian 2011
Kent D. Logsdon Civilian 1999
COL Philip C. Marcum USA 1992
Kent L. Biringer Civilian 2005
Col Garvin A. McGettrick USAF 2009
Duncan Brown Civilian 1999
Eleanor Melamed Civilian 2003
Ann Marie Calvaresi-Barr Civilian 2006
CAPT Charles J. Cassidy USN 2011
BGen Mark A. Clark USMC 2009
Col Brian G. Neal USAF/ANG 2011
CDR Cynthia A. Coogan USCG 1997
Col Robert P. Otto USAF 2007
Maj Matthew A. Day USMC 2005
Brig Gen Theresa M. Peterson USAF 2001
Dr. Holly A. Dockery Civilian 2002
John S. Quilty Civilian 1987
Preston C. Dunlap Civilian 2011
MAJ William T. Rice USA 2000
Lawrence E. Ewert Civilian 1998
Brig Gen Ervin J. Rokke USAF 1991
Jane P. Fletcher Civilian 2002
Col Marshall K. Sabol USAF 2000
Michele J. Schimpp Civilian 2010
Col Stephen M. Goldfein USAF 2000
Andrew D. Singer Civilian 2006
Kristen A. Gunness Civilian 2011
Christine L. Somer Civilian 2010
Dr. Heather D. Hanson Civilian 2011
Robert E. Stevens Civilian 1999



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