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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort descending Alumni Service Class
A. Bryan Siebert Civilian 1992
Nina S. Wagner Civilian 2020
MG Jeffrey J. Snow USA 2013
Jonathan T. Horowitz Civilian 2021
LTC Egan L. O'Reilly USA 2021
James A. Cangialosi Civilian 2022
Limnyuy B. Konglim Civilian 2022
COL Katherine A. Trombley USA 2022
COL Charles D. Lawhorn USA 2012
Jeanne C. Foster Civilian 2014
Jerry G. O'Brien Civilian 2014
Alan K. Yu Civilian 2014
Daniel Flynn Civilian 2015
Paul Ljuba Civilian 2015
Col William Visted USMC 2015
Col Theresa A. Meyer USAF 2004
CAPT Gregory N. Harris USN 2016
Christine M. Osowski Civilian 2016
Gregory S. Avicola Civilian 2017
Craig M. Johnson Civilian 2017
Maj Charles S. Sandusky USAF 2017
COL David M. Church USA 2018
CAPT N. Wayne Porter USN 2010
Katherine E. Lucas Civilian 2018
LtCol James B. Ellis USMC 2012
COL Joel B. Vowell USA 2018
Dr. Jason A. Dechant Civilian 2019
CAPT Lisa M. Franchetti USN 2012
LtCol Eric A. Reid USMC 2019
Brian J. Hunter Civilian 2020
LtCol Jack A. Sile USMC 2020
Katherine L. Giles-Diaz Civilian 2021
Col Kevin J. Merrill USAFR 2021
COL William J. Hersh USA/ARNG 2009
Daniel T. Auld Civilian 2022
COL Michael T. Katona USA 2022
COL Carmelia J. Scott-Skillern USA 2022
John E. Whitley Civilian 2013
Col Craig S. Kozeniesky USMC 2013
LtCol William R. DeLorenzo USMC 2014
Gregory A. Miller Civilian 2014
Col Scott F. Benedict USMC 2012
Mark E. Tillman Civilian 2014
LtCol Sean Elward USMC 2015
Dr. Laura Kennedy Civilian 2015
Daniel Rodman Civilian 2015
LtCol Christopher R. Escamilla USMC 2016
Lt Col Michael J. Mixon USAF 1999
Saiko Miyamoto Civilian 2016
RDML Linda R. Wackerman USNR 2016
RADM John G. Cotton USN 2003
Lt Col Heather A. Fox USAF 2017
John P. Parker Civilian 2017
COL Gregory J. Brady USA 2018
Patrick N. Kelleher Civilian 2018
CAPT Antonio M. Edmonds USN 2013
Mark J. Swayne Civilian 2018
CAPT Douglas M. Fears USCG 2012
LtCol Amanda A. Coleman USMC 2019
Maj Todd E. Moulder USMC 2019



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