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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
Dr. Kathleen H. Hawk Civilian 2023
Keith B. Webster Civilian 1995
Dr. Alan Whittaker Civilian 1997
Margaret M. Zeigler Civilian 2000
Loren R. Larson Civilian 1991
Celia C. Durall Civilian 2014
Dr. Sorin Lungu Civilian 2008
Eugene A. Benson Civilian 2009
Dr. Margaret M. McCown Civilian 2010
John O. Brennan Civilian 1994
Dr. Andrew Mara Civilian 2015
Thomas M. McNamara Civilian 2009
Dr. Richard P. Burke Civilian 1991
David D. Carlson Civilian 2001
William C. Hatchett Civilian 2016
William M. Moon Civilian 2001
Elsie L. Munsell Civilian 1997
Jennifer J. Balisle Civilian 2017
Donald L. Niss Civilian 2013
Myles D. Crandall Civilian 2006
George E. Devendorf Civilian 2003
Sean P. Roche Civilian 2003
George C. Fidas Civilian 2001
Andrea S. M. Donnally Civilian 2019
Dr. John M. Ruddy Civilian 1993
Dr. Jerome B. Franck Civilian 2000
Michael L. Ricci Civilian 2019
Mary L. Scala Civilian 2001
Ryan A. Canady Civilian 2020
Donald P. Shirk Civilian 1998
Jason R. Stack Civilian 2020
David E. Hamilton Jr. Civilian 2006
David R. Starkston Civilian 2001
Daniel J. Hartmann Civilian 2005
Stephanie C. Baynes Civilian 2022
Dr. Jeremy Teichman Civilian 2008
Walter J. Hosey Civilian 2004
Edward H. Vazquez Civilian 1990
Margaret G. Watson Civilian 2011
Dr. H. Todd Kauderer Civilian 2004
Robert J. White Civilian 1987
Lauren R. Landis Civilian 2002
Peter J. Loughlin Civilian 2012
Richard C. Bayard Civilian 2002
TiArre K. Stromer Civilian 2014
Randolph Martin Civilian 2006
Dr. James Cully Civilian 2015
Harriet Brattain Civilian 1996
Amb. Elizabeth D. McKune Civilian 2003
John B. Buchheister Civilian 1995
Julie Stufft Civilian 2015
Laura Frigenti Civilian 2016
Lincoln R. Mui Civilian 2004
Christopher P. Colbert Civilian 2013
Jon W. Wise Civilian 2016
Michael A. Newbill Civilian 2012
Richard L. Coupland Civilian 2002
Mark B. Daley Civilian 2002
Peter K. Patacsil Civilian 2011
Robert E. Downey Civilian 1993



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