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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
Col Damian J. McCarthy USAF 2011
Col Kenneth Plaks USAF 2011
Col William L. Shelton USAF 1997
Lt Col Robert J. Grazulis USAF 2008
Col Thomas K. Wark USAF 2012
Col Ronald D. Yaggi USAF 2000
Lt Col Francesca Bartholomew USAF 2009
Col Garvin A. McGettrick USAF 2009
Brig Gen Howard J. Mitchell USAF 1999
Col Kenneth M. Decuir USAF 1999
Col Jeffrey A. Hokett USAF 2012
Lt Col Maki T. Livesay USAF 2012
Col Mark A. Milley USAF 2007
Col Robert P. Otto USAF 2007
Brig Gen Theresa M. Peterson USAF 2001
Brig Gen Ervin J. Rokke USAF 1991
Col Marshall K. Sabol USAF 2000
Brig Gen David W. Smith USAF 2019
Col Stephen M. Goldfein USAF 2000
Brig Gen Michael E. Zettler USAF 1998
Lt Col Jason E. Lindsey USAF 2012
Maj Gen Richard E. Perraut Jr. USAF 2010
Col Daniel M. Fesler USAF 2019
Col Michael A. Snodgrass USAF 2002
Col Marcy A. Steinke-Fike USAF 2008
Lt Col Shaun R. Stuger USAF 2009
Brig Gen Charles J. Wax USAF 1997
Maj Gen John T. Winters Jr. USAF 2012
Brig Gen James M. Kowalski USAF 2009
Maj Gen Normand G. Lezy USAF 1995
Maj James A. Oldenburg USAF 2009
Lt Col Gabriel S. Arrington USAF 2022
Col Thomas C. Waskow USAF 1989
Lt Col Donald J. Bacon USAF 2006
Col Andrew M. Mueller USAF 2009
Col Kurt F. Neubauer USAF 2006
Col Chris E. Boring USAF 2018
Col John W. Douglass USAF 1987
Brig Gen Frank R. Faykes USAF 2001
Col Scott A. Forest USAF 2008
Col Mark Sheehan USAF 2013
Col Mansour G. Elhihi USAF 2021
Col Jan-Marc Jouas USAF 2002
Brig Gen Bruce A. Wright USAF 2000
Col William J. Liquori USAF 2013
Col Marcelyn Atwood USAF 2001
Col Maurice L. McFann, Jr. USAF 1995
Col Robert P. Meehan USAF 1988
Brig Gen William M. Rajczak USAF 2005
Col Anna M. Shaklee USAF 2001
Brig Gen John A. Gordon USAF 1993
Col Ernest M. Skinner USAF 1991
Brig Gen Eugene E. Habiger USAF 1989
Col Lawrence M. Hoffman USAF 2010
Brig Gen C. Jerome Jones USAF 1991
Col Wayne A. Gallo USAF/ANG 2001
Col Leslie R. Hyder USAF/ANG 2009
Col James D. Demeritt USAF/ANG 2007
Col Michael R. Taheri USAF/ANG 2010
Col G. Kevin Thompson USAF/ANG 2009



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