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Ranksort ascending First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
LTC Christian S. Griggs USA 2014
LTC Stephen W. Barone USA 2009
LTC Shon McCormick USA 2015
LTC Marco J. Lyons USA 2020
LTC Ronald Houle USA 1998
LTC Henry J. Amato Jr. USA/ARNG 2008
LTC Julie A. Thomas USA/ARNG 2014
LTC Curtis M. Masiello USA 2001
LTC Yvonne S. Breece USA 2013
LTC Joseph J. Collins USA 1989
LTC Richard M. Saunders USA 1992
LTC Gabriel Chinchilla USA 2015
LTC David Kasten USA 2015
LTC Aaron J. Kaufman USA 2018
LTC John L. Gifford USA 2005
LTC Charles M. Kyle USA 2013
LTC Ara S. Manjikian USA 2005
LTC Jerry A. De Money USA 1991
LTC Timothy J. Leone USA 2021
LTC Stephen D. Wesbrook USA 1988
LTC Cynthia A. Matuskevich USA 2010
LTC George W. Casey Jr. USA 1991
LTC Benjamin K. Selzer USA 2019
LTC Walter Neal Anderson USA 2000
LTC Michael A. Burns USA 1993
LTC Edward L. Pearce USA 2012
LTC James J. Carafano USA 1999
LTC James J. Montano USA 1990
LTC Richard D. Downie USA 1998
LTC James W. Raycraft Jr. USA 1998
LTC Vasilios N. Fotopoulos USA 2005
LTC Kitefre K. Oboho USA 2019
LTC Bruce E. Akard USA 2004
LTC Thomas J. Leney USA 1994
LTC Anthony M. Coroalles USA 1995
LTC John R. Shipe III USA 2018
LTC Thomas E. Tyra USA 2007
LTC Lee E. Medley USA 2012
LTC Keith W. Dayton USA 1992
LTC Michael D. Fry USA 1988
LTC David R. Doran USA 2020
LTC Timothy P. Meadors USA 2022
LTC Timothy A. Vuono USA 2007
LTC Jay D. Briggs USA 2012
LTC Dennis Dugan USA 2000
LTC Egan L. O'Reilly USA 2021
Lt. Colonel Jacob V. Crespin USMC 2022
Lt Col Rodney P. Liesveld USAF 1994
Lt Col Michael J. Mixon USAF 1999
Lt Col Heather A. Fox USAF 2017
Lt Col Victor J. Vaccaro USAF 1997
Lt Col Andrew L. Butts USAF 2007
Lt Col Jeffrey B. Cashman USAF 2008
Lt Col Terry L. Thiem USAF 2017
Lt Col Stephen J. McNamara USAF 1998
Lt Col John A. Henley USAF 2016
Lt Col James C. Lewis USMC 2013
Lt Col Sean C. Braziel USMC 2013
Lt Col Gary A. Winterberger USAF 1992
Lt Col Barry S. Wilson USAF 1988



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