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Ranksort descending First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Dr. Laura Itle Civilian 2011
Dr. Stephen Wehrenberg Civilian 2005
Dr. Oliver M. Richard Civilian 2016
Dr. Stuart H. Starr Civilian 1990
Dr. Jonathan W. Kaufman Civilian 2011
Dr. Scott A. Comes Civilian 1999
Dr. Wilson N. Felder Civilian 1997
Dr. Jefferson O. Crowder Civilian 2019
Dr. Nancy L. Spruill Civilian 1992
Dr. David M. Tate Civilian 2008
Dr. Dawn K. Manley Civilian 2014
Dr. Susan E. Offutt Civilian 2008
Dr. Michael A. Rigdon Civilian 2004
Dr. Lawrence C. Schuette Civilian 2009
Dr. Peter J. Sharfman Civilian 1992
Dr. Gary J. Jones Civilian 1997
Dr. Joseph M. Keogh Civilian 1999
Dr. Jonathan J. Schroden Civilian 2014
Dr. David Hunter Civilian 2015
Dr. J. Randy Good Civilian 2005
Dr. Neil M. Singer Civilian 1997
Dr. Gordon Adams Civilian 1991
Dr. Judith R. Baroody Civilian 2003
Dr. Paul M. Needham Civilian 1999
Dr. George R. Crossman Civilian 1988
Dr. Mary F. Grizzard Civilian 2005
Dr. Richard H. Stulen Civilian 2000
Dr. Beatrice A. Reaud Civilian 2023
Dr. Faye R. Davis Civilian 2004
Dr. Jason A. Dechant Civilian 2019
Dr. Dawn Sauter-Regan Civilian 2001
Dr. Mark L. Montroll Civilian 2000
Dr. Charles J. Jefferson Civilian 1989
Dr. Rodney K. Wilson Civilian 1999
Dr. Laura Kennedy Civilian 2015
Egmond Alan E. Van Egmond Civilian 2001
GySgt John R. Ciupak USMC 2017
Hon. Leslie V. Rowe Civilian 1993
LCDR James M. Erskine USN 2000
LCDR Eugene F. Moran Jr. USN 1997
LCDR Carol J. Ellis USN 1995
LCDR George S. Capen USN 2001
LCDR Todd W. Leavitt USN 1998
LCDR Frederick LaTrash USN 2003
LCDR Chester O. Burton USN 1994
LCDR Errol A. Robinson USN 2013
LCDR Eric C. Jones USCG 2002
LCDR Charles R. Reuning USN 2004
LCDR William B. Fox USN 2020
LCDR Joanna M. Nunan USCG 2003
Lt Col Andrew L. Butts USAF 2007
Lt Col Jeffrey B. Cashman USAF 2008
Lt Col Terry L. Thiem USAF 2017
Lt Col Stephen J. McNamara USAF 1998
Lt Col John A. Henley USAF 2016
Lt Col Gary A. Winterberger USAF 1992
Lt Col James C. Lewis USMC 2013
Lt Col Sean C. Braziel USMC 2013
Lt Col Barry S. Wilson USAF 1988
Lt Col Michael J. Oginsky USMC 2021



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