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Rank First Name Middle Namesort descending Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Col Michael W. Isherwood USAF 2003
LTC Nancy W. Jean-Louis USA 2011
Col Mark W. Adams USMC 1996
CDR James W. Kilby USN 2008
BG Craig W. Strong USA 2021
CDR John W. Koster USCG 2006
CDR Christopher W. Hall USN 2017
MGySgt William W. Hess USMC 2022
LTC James W. Raycraft Jr. USA 1998
COL James W. Reed USA 1996
LCDR Todd W. Leavitt USN 1998
CAPT Kenneth W. Branch USN 2012
Col David W. Scearse USAF 2002
Thomas W. Hall Civilian 2002
John W. McDonald Civilian 1995
Brig Gen Donald W. Shepperd USAF 1994
CAPT Terry W. Sinclair USCG 1992
COL Robert W. Cone USA 2003
Brion W. Midland Civilian 2003
LTC Samuel W. Curtis USA 2010
Ronald W. Moya Civilian 2008
John W. Hutson Civilian 1992
CAPT David W. Titley USN 2004
Col Jay W. Kelley USAF 1987
CAPT Mark W. Kenny USN 2001
LtCol Seth W.B. Folsom USMC 2011
CDR Aaron W.F. Delano-Johnson USCG 2020
CAPT N. Wayne Porter USN 2010
CDR F. Winton Smith Jr. USN 2005
Brig Gen Francis X. Taylor USAF 1998
Jeanne Y. Zimmer Civilian 1988
Lt Col Rohit Y. Masih USMC 2021
Maj Christopher Y. Kim USMC 2022
Susan Y. Pickering Civilian 2008
Krista Z. Auchenbach Civilian 2019



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