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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort ascending Suffix Alumni Service Class
LTC Phillip C. Baker USA 2012
Magdalena A. Bajll Civilian 2014
COL Arthur W. Bailey USA 1992
Rian M. Bahran Civilian 2020
Bruce C. Bade Civilian 1993
Lt Col Donald J. Bacon USAF 2006
CAPT Donald E. Babcock USN 2002
Col Anthony D. Babcock USAF 2017
MAJ Steven W. Ayers USA 2004
Gregory S. Avicola Civilian 2017
Dale R. Avery Civilian 1999
Jeffrey M. Avery Civilian 2016
Daniel T. Auld Civilian 2022
Joyce A. Augustyn Civilian 2011
Cassandra A. Aucoin Civilian 1991
CAPT Joseph P. Aucoin USN 2007
Krista Z. Auchenbach Civilian 2019
Col Marcelyn Atwood USAF 2001
CAPT Thomas F. Atkin USCG 2005
Dr. W. Kipling At Lee Jr. Civilian 2010
Constance C. Arvis Civilian 2005
Col Jack R. Arthaud USAF 2019
Lt Col Gabriel S. Arrington USAF 2022
Dr. Lois A. Aroian Civilian 2004
Robert M. Arnold Civilian 1988
Col Lyle O. Armel III USMC 2007
Col Karl R. Arbogast USMC 2019
Jay A. Aragon Civilian 2010
LtCol Russell E. Appleton USMC 1988
Jason M. Appelbaum Civilian 2013
CDR Kevin S. Apel USN 2003
Col H. Nick Anstine III USAF 2002
CDR Gabriel A. Anseeuw USN 2019
CAPT Scott T. Anhalt USN 2006
CDR James W. Angelo USN 1992
CAPT Albert Angel USN 2018
CAPT Bradley J. Andros USN 2020
CAPT Thomas R. Andress USN 2004
Alane A. Andreozzi Civilian 2013
LTC Walter Neal Anderson USA 2000
Nils A. Anderson III Civilian 2014
William A. Anderson Civilian 2002
Lt Col Ruth M. Anderson USAF 1987
Penelope S. Anderson Civilian 2008
Heidi R. Ammerlahn Civilian 2022
CAPT Alysa L. Ambrose USN 2018
LTC Henry J. Amato Jr. USA/ARNG 2008
Dennis H. Alvey Civilian 1997
Col Stuart L. Alton USAF 1990
Colonel Dawn R. Alonso USMC 2022
Karl M. Allwerdt Civilian 2019
RADM Jacqueline O. Allison* USN 1998
CAPT Charles A. Allen USN 1998
Col Jerrold P. Allen USAF 1990
Thurman J. Allard Civilian 2000
CAPT Thomas G. Allan Jr. USCG 2017
COL Raoul H. Alcala USA 1987
Col William P. Albro USAF/ANG 2004
W. Lee Akridge Civilian 1991
LTC Bruce E. Akard USA 2004



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