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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort ascending Suffix Alumni Service Class
Paul S. Berg Civilian 2009
Sarah M. Beran Civilian 2020
BG Julie A. Bentz USA 2013
CDR Lance O. Benton USCG 2004
Eugene A. Benson Civilian 2009
Lt Col Philip G. Benjamin II USAF 1996
Col Scott F. Benedict USMC 2012
COL Peter N. Benchoff USA 2017
Robert G. Bell Civilian 1989
CAPT Mark D. Behning USN 2017
Thomas G. Behling Civilian 2003
Mia L. Beers Civilian 2014
RADM Charles J. Beers Jr. USN 1994
Maj Robyn E. Beaudreau USMC 2016
Maj Marc D. Beaudreau USMC 2016
Virginia R. Beall Civilian 2011
Stephanie C. Baynes Civilian 2022
Richard C. Bayard Civilian 2002
CDR Richard Batson USCG 2015
Maj Daniel L. Bates USMC 2008
Donald R. Bates Civilian 2000
Leslie A. Bassett Civilian 1996
Lt Col Michael J. Basla USAF 1998
Maj Robert I. Baskins USMC 2017
Mark R. Bartolini Civilian 2001
Lt Col Francesca Bartholomew USAF 2009
CDR David Bartholomew USN 2000
David J. Barth Civilian 2011
COL Thomas H. Barth USA 2009
COL Michael J. Barron USA 2005
Farrah Barrios Civilian 2015
Dr. Archie D. Barrett Civilian 1989
Georges A. Barrabes Civilian 1989
Dr. Judith R. Baroody Civilian 2003
LTC Stephen W. Barone USA 2009
Frederic S. Baron Civilian 2016
Col Leroy Barnidge Jr. USAF 1991
CAPT John W. Barnhill USN 2005
Ronald H. Barnhart Civilian 1987
CDR Steven M. Barney USN 2008
Carl M. Barnett Jr. Civilian 2019
Stephen F. Barnett Civilian 1996
COL Craig A. Barkley USAR 2016
Col Dieter E. Bareihs USAF 2011
Robert D. Barclay Civilian 2019
Brendan A. Barcelo Civilian 2022
CAPT Arthur H. Barber III USN 2001
Col Ronald L. Barber USAF 1995
COL Donald J. Banta USA 1989
CAPT Steven A. Banks USCG 2013
CDR John S. Banigan USN 2011
Aaron Baloney Civilian 2015
Jennifer J. Balisle Civilian 2017
Susan M. Lee Bales Civilian 1993
Susan B. Balc Civilian 2020
Jeffrey N. Bakken Civilian 2009
Beth M. Baker Civilian 2007
LTC Phillip C. Baker USA 2012
Col Bradley S. Baker USAF 2001
Col James H. Baker USAF 2009



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