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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort ascending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CDR Casey J. White USCG 2010
Col Michael O. Wheeler USAF 1989
Kevin M. Whattam Civilian 2014
Katherine M. Wever Civilian 2012
CAPT H. Dennis Wetherald USN 2010
CDR Maximillian L. Westland USN 2018
Richard Westhoff III Civilian 2022
Col Charles A. Western USMC 2013
CDR Michael T. Westbrook USN 2009
Col Randall L. West USMC 1995
LTC Stephen D. Wesbrook USA 1988
COL Christian L. Werner USA 2023
Charles P. Werchado Civilian 2001
Col Mathew C. Wenthe USAF 2021
CAPT Marvin J. Weniger USN 1990
Col Timothy M. Welter USAFR 2022
Col Mark A. Welsh III USAF 1995
CDR Robert S. Wells USN 1994
CAPT David A. Welch USN 2014
LtCol Aaron D. Weiss USMC 2010
Dr. Leon Weintraub Civilian 1991
Dr. Stephen Wehrenberg Civilian 2005
Keith B. Webster Civilian 1995
Regine A. Webster Civilian 2023
LTC Benjamin E. Webb USA 2010
RDML Thomas G. Wears USN 2011
Brig Gen Charles J. Wax USAF 1997
Steven W. Waugh Civilian 1998
Amb. Linda E. Watt Civilian 1997
Robin A. Watson Civilian 2000
Margaret G. Watson Civilian 2011
CDR Wilborne E. Watson USCG 2017
Col George R. Watkins USAF 2020
Christopher R. Watkins Civilian 2013
Adam R. Wasserman Civilian 2009
Col Thomas C. Waskow USAF 1989
Dr. Kenneth E. Washington Civilian 2004
David R. Warren Civilian 1996
LtCol Christopher J. Warnke USMC 2008
Col Thomas K. Wark USAF 2012
Col John A. Warden III USAF 1991
Daniel S. Wang Civilian 2019
Brig Gen Tome H. Walters Jr. USAF 1996
Maj Eric A. Walraven USMC 2021
Vincent J. Walls Jr. Civilian 2003
CAPT Kenneth A. Wallace USN 2020
Col Alan W. Wallace USMC 2004
Marc M. Wall Civilian 2002
Dr. S. Tjip Walker Civilian 2012
CDR William B. Walker USN 2000
Bruce C. Walker Civilian 2004
COL William J. Walker USA 2014
Dr. Nancy J. Walker Civilian 1998
Larry S. Walker Civilian 2001
Dr. Marianne C. Walck Civilian 2012
Nina S. Wagner Civilian 2020
CDR Robert P. Wagner USCG 2004
RDML Linda R. Wackerman USNR 2016
LTC Timothy A. Vuono USA 2007
COL Joel B. Vowell USA 2018



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