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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CDR William J. Luti USN 1996
Jerome M. Lynes Civilian 2011
LtCol Eric M. Lyon USMC 2010
Col Charles W. Lyon USAF 2002
Elizabeth A. Lyon Civilian 2021
LTC Marco J. Lyons USA 2020
CAPT Paul J. Lyons USN 2017
Ardisson L. Lyons Civilian 2010
Col Lisa M. Mabbutt USAF 2022
Davida B. MacDonald Civilian 2022
James C. MacDougall Civilian 1997
MSgt Michael W. MacKay USMC 2021
COL French L. MacLean USA 2003
Col William J. MacLean USAF 2020
MAJ Robert M. MacMullen USA 2006
Charles R. Madison Civilian 2016
Michael D. Madsen Civilian 2021
LtCol Tracy A. Maese USMC 2020
LtCol Rogelio Maese USMC 2020
J. Patrick Maher Civilian 1996
MAJ Judd D. Mahfouz USA 2013
Bgen Christopher J. Mahoney USMC 2018
MAJ Gregory S. Mahoney USA 2006
LTC John P. Maier USA/ARNG 2014
CDR Walter C. Mainor Jr. USN 2018
Alan O. Makovsky Civilian 1992
CAPT Gregory P. Malandrino USN 2021
COL John E. Malapit USA 2008
CAPT Shawn P. Malone USN 2017
Lt Col Paul A. Mancinelli USAF 2016
Marcos C. Mandojana Civilian 2019
Dr. Daniel E. Mangis Civilian 2023
CDR Thomas E. Mangold USN 2004
LTC Ara S. Manjikian USA 2005
Dr. Dawn K. Manley Civilian 2014
Ashley B. Manning Civilian 2018
Nayda M. Mannle Civilian 2020
Robert D. Manogue Civilian 2000
Marinn C. Mansell Civilian 2020
LtCol Todd M. Manyx USMC 2017
John D. Manza Civilian 2010
Dr. Andrew Mara Civilian 2015
COL Nora R. Marcos USA 2017
COL Philip C. Marcum USA 1992
COL Stephen Mariano USA 2015
David R. Markov Civilian 2006
Dr. David Markowitz Civilian 2000
Dale R. Marks Civilian 2022
Col Gary R. Marlowe USAF 2021
Alice C. Maroni Civilian 1994
CAPT L. David Marquet USN 2008
Charles A. Marquez Civilian 2012
LtCol Vicki T. Marsh USMC 1990
Randolph Martin Civilian 2006
Lt Col Richard M. Martin USMC 2021
LtCol Amanda B. Martin USMC 2023
Col Gregory S. Martin USAF 1988
CDR Paul R. Martinez USN 2003
Dr. Yvonne R. Masakowski Civilian 2004
LTC Curtis M. Masiello USA 2001



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