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Rank First Namesort ascending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
LTC Henry J. Amato Jr. USA/ARNG 2008
COL Henry A. Zimon USA 1994
Henry A. Padinha Civilian 1992
Heidi H. Grant Civilian 2004
Heidi R. Ammerlahn Civilian 2022
Dr. Heather D. Hanson Civilian 2011
CDR Heather M. Bothwell USNR 2017
Lt Col Heather A. Fox USAF 2017
Col Harvard L. Lomax USAF 1992
Harry Coker Jr. Civilian 2008
CAPT Harry L. Myers USN 2007
Harry Disbrow Jr. Civilian 2001
Harry K. Thomas Jr. Civilian 1995
COL Harry E. Rothmann Jr. USA 1992
Harry B. Harris Jr. USN 2000
Harriet Brattain Civilian 1996
Harold J. Johnson Civilian 1994
LtCol Harold Van Opdorp USMC 2010
CAPT Harold E. Pittman USN 2008
COL Harold N. Richardson USA 1989
LTC Harley P. Jennings USA 2020
Hali Jilani Civilian 2005
Col Hal M. Hornburg USAF 1987
Haider A. Haider Civilian 2020
CAPT H. Dennis Wetherald USN 2010
H. Louise Noyes Civilian 1992
Dr. H. Todd Kauderer Civilian 2004
Col H. Nick Anstine III USAF 2002
Gwenyth E. Todd Civilian 1997
Guy M. Snodgrass Civilian 2019
Gurpartap S. Sandhoo Civilian 2017
Grigore Scarlatoiu Civilian 2017
Gretchen L. Blacksmith Civilian 2019
Gregory J. Krall Civilian 2004
Gregory T. Kiley Civilian 2003
Gregory S. Avicola Civilian 2017
COL Gregory B. Schultz USA 2013
Gregory A. Miller Civilian 2014
CAPT Gregory N. Harris USN 2016
Col Gregory D. Thomas USAF 2013
CAPT Gregory P. Malandrino USN 2021
Col Gregory D. Glover USAF 2007
MAJ Gregory S. Mahoney USA 2006
Gregory K. Melcher Civilian 1999
CDR Gregory Tozzi USCG 2015
Gregory A. Thomas Civilian 2001
Gregory A. Kern Civilian 2011
CAPT Gregory G. Johnson USN 1992
Col Gregory S. Otey USAF 2012
Col Gregory S. Martin USAF 1988
COL Gregory J. Hadfield USA 2011
COL Gregory J. Brady USA 2018
Gregory T. Delawie Civilian 2008
CDR Gregory J. Leland USN 2016
Gregg G. Sears Civilian 2018
Col Gregg P. Olson USMC 2012
LtCol Gregg R. Kendrick USMC 2009
Greg B. Bogut Civilian 2002
MAJ Grant R. Doty USA 2002
CAPT Grahame A. Dicks USN 2023



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