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Rank First Namesort ascending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
Col James P. Hughes Jr. USAF 2020
James D. Omans Civilian 2002
James P. Reese Civilian 2010
James P. Woolsey Civilian 2007
COL James A. Young USA/ARNG 2010
James L. Novak Civilian 2018
CAPT James M. Carr USN 2007
Col James M. Sims USMC 1988
Dr. James Cully Civilian 2015
James W. Spell Civilian 2008
Dr. James G. Stevens Civilian 2008
James A. Hursch Civilian 1999
COL James C. Fowler USA 2022
Dr. James J. Foster Civilian 1997
COL James W. Kaine USA 2017
James N. Bexfield Civilian 2006
LtCol James W. Wiecking USMC 2005
CAPT James C. Robertson USN 1991
COL Jamee L. Belsha USARNG 2023
RADM Jacqueline O. Allison* USN 1998
Lt. Colonel Jacob V. Crespin USMC 2022
LtCol Jack A. Sile USMC 2020
LTC Jack B. Wood USA 1987
Jack Brock Civilian 2001
Jack E. Buchanan Civilian 2012
COL Jack A. Le Cuyer USA 1992
Col Jack R. Arthaud USAF 2019
Jack H. Winters Civilian 1991
LtCol Jabbar R. Goughnour USMC 2019
Jaan A. Loger Civilian 1995
Maj J. Curtis Gwilliam USMC 2010
J. Dean Yount Civilian 2007
J. Stephen Rottler Civilian 2006
J. Philip Mudd Civilian 2001
Dr. J. Michael Fletcher Civilian 1993
COL J. Cale Brown USA 2018
LTC J. Clarke Bursley USA 1997
Dr. J. Randy Good Civilian 2005
J. Patrick Maher Civilian 1996
Irving N. Blickstein Civilian 1991
RADM Ian L. Johnson USN 2023
Ian C. Saunders Civilian 2006
LtCol Ian Ferguson USMC 2004
LtCol Hunter R. Rawlings IV USMC 2014
CAPT Hung Cao USN 2019
CAPT Hugh M. Flanagan Jr. USN 2008
Hugh D. McElrath Civilian 2009
COL Hubert W. Newman USA 2002
Brig Gen Howard J. Mitchell USAF 1999
CAPT Howard B. Gehring USCG 1993
Howard Fireman Civilian 2011
Howard H. Hirano Civilian 2000
LTC Howard J. von Kaenel USA 1987
Dr. Holly A. Dockery Civilian 2002
CAPT Holly R. Harrison USCG 2019
LTC Hershel L. Holiday USA 2007
Brig Gen Herbert J. Carlisle USAF 2005
Herbert P. Woodward Civilian 1989
Henry J. Abeyta Civilian 2000
Henry L. Hinton Jr. Civilian 1990



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