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Rank First Namesort descending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
CDR Tuan N. Pham USN 2011
CAPT Tyrone Payton USN 2010
V. Renee Simpson Civilian 2005
LTC Vance F. Stewart III USA 2007
LTC Vasilios N. Fotopoulos USA 2005
LtCol Vicki T. Marsh USMC 1990
Victor J. Johnson Civilian 1994
Lt Col Victor J. Vaccaro USAF 1997
Dr. Victoria Hunt-Cox Civilian 1999
Dr. Vigdor Teplitz Civilian 1990
Vincent D. Kern III Civilian 1991
Vincent J. Walls Jr. Civilian 2003
CDR Vinton G. Garbesi USN 2001
Virginia R. Beall Civilian 2011
Vonna W. Heaton Civilian 2003
W. Lee Akridge Civilian 1991
CAPT W. Michael Dunaway USN 1999
W. Jeffrey Morris Civilian 2009
CAPT W. Scott Gray IV USN 2005
Dr. W. Kipling At Lee Jr. Civilian 2010
COL W. Scott Gorske USA/ARNG 2008
CDR Wade F. Wilkenson USN 2003
COL Waldo D. Freeman Jr. USA 1987
Walter L. Brothers Civilian 1988
COL Walter F. Ivanjack USA 1991
LTC Walter Neal Anderson USA 2000
CAPT Walter B. Jackson USN 2004
Walter Jajko Civilian 1990
Walter J. Hosey Civilian 2004
CDR Walter C. Mainor Jr. USN 2018
Walter L. Mayo III Civilian 1995
Walter J. Murphy Civilian 1987
Brig Gen Walter I. Jones USAF 2001
Col Walter D. Givhan USAF 2007
CAPT Warren E. Cupps USN 2022
Warren W. Bizub Civilian 2003
CAPT Wayne P. Brown USCG 2008
Wayne W. McCool Civilian 2011
Col Wayne A. Gallo USAF/ANG 2001
Wendy A. Young Civilian 2005
Dr. Wendy Lazarus Civilian 2004
Dr. Wendy R. Cieslak Civilian 1999
CDR Werner H. Jurinka USN 2004
CAPT Wesley P. Bringham USN 2018
Whitney J. Creer Civilian 2004
CDR Wilborne E. Watson USCG 2017
CAPT Wilhelm M. Gabber USN 1993
Dr. Wilhelm B. Gauster Civilian 1997
CAPT William H. Hilarides USN 2002
William Johnson Civilian 2001
CDR William J. Toti USN 1996
Col William E. Zamagni Jr. USMC 2016
William W. Peterson Civilian 2008
Col William T. Mayall USAF 1998
William H. Underhill Civilian 2018
Maj William H. Grube USMC 2014
Lt Col William E. Hanson USAF 1997
Maj William T. Kerrigan USMC 2022
CDR William J. Luti USN 1996
LTC William W. Hansen USA 1988



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