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Rank First Namesort descending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
RADM Bruce B. Engelhardt USN 2001
Bruce Powers Civilian 1998
COL Bruce A. Harris USA 1990
Bruce E. Hollywood Civilian 2011
LTC Bruce E. Akard USA 2004
BG Bruce K. Scott USA 1997
Bruce C. Walker Civilian 2004
COL Bryan K. Chapman USA 2020
CDR Bryan G. McGrath USN 2007
Bryan Soderholm Civilian 1998
Col Bryant P. Shaw USAF 1998
C. Thomas Burbage Civilian 1989
CAPT C. Earl Carter USN 2009
Brig Gen C. Jerome Jones USAF 1991
Col Calvert Lee Worth Jr. USMC 2018
Calvin E. Freeland Jr. Civilian 1990
COL Cameron M. Cantlon USA 2018
COL Camille M. Nichols USA 2008
COL Candice E. Frost USA 2021
Cara L. Thanassi Civilian 2005
Amb. Carey E. Cavanaugh Civilian 1995
Cari A. Bower Civilian 2012
BGen Carl E. Mundy III USMC 2011
Carl M. Barnett Jr. Civilian 2019
Col Carl E. Franklin USAF 1989
RADM Carlos A. Sardiello USN 2021
COL Carmelia J. Scott-Skillern USA 2022
Carmen A. Medina Civilian 2000
Carol R. Kalin Civilian 2007
Dr. Carol L.J. Adkins Civilian 2011
LCDR Carol J. Ellis USN 1995
Carol G. Finerty Civilian 1997
Carol S. Fuller Civilian 2006
Carol A. Rodley Civilian 1993
Carolina T. Fineman-Sotomayor Civilian 2021
Dr. Caroline F. Ziemke Civilian 1997
Carolyn J. Lee Civilian 2005
Carolyn L. Little Civilian 2008
Caryn C. Hollis Civilian 2000
CDR Casey J. White USCG 2010
Cassandra A. Aucoin Civilian 1991
Catherine E. Byrne Civilian 2010
Catherine M. McMahon Civilian 2014
CDR Catherine T. Carabine USCG 2022
Lt Col Cathy M. Rodriguez USAF/ANG 2006
Maj Cedric N. Lee USMC 2016
Celia F. Conlon Civilian 2003
Celia C. Durall Civilian 2014
Cephas L. Franklin Civilian 2016
Lt Col Chad J. Erspamer USAF 2012
CAPT Chad M. Brooks USN 2022
Maj Chad Summerville USMC 2019
Charles F. Herseth Civilian 1993
CAPT Charles L. Cashin III USCG 2017
CAPT Charles W. Fowler III USN 2002
COL Charles D. Lawhorn USA 2012
Charles Randow Civilian 1988
Col Charles A. Western USMC 2013
Dr. Charles D. Frizzelle Jr. Civilian 2007
Maj Gen Charles Robertson Jr. USAF 1995



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