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Rank First Namesort descending Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Class
CAPT John D. Zimmerman USN 2014
Dr. John Mittleman Civilian 2003
CAPT John E. Crowley Jr. USCG 2000
John B. Stewart Jr. Civilian 1989
Col John W. Douglass USAF 1987
John W. O'Neill Civilian 1999
John T. Oliver Civilian 2009
COL John S. Kelsey USA 1989
LtCol John G. Rader USMC 1998
John E. Whitley Civilian 2013
CDR John M. Richardson USN 1998
John H. Rixse Civilian 1996
LTC John L. Gifford USA 2005
COL John R. Gingrich USA 1996
John D. Zepper Civilian 2007
LTC John R. Shipe III USA 2018
Brig Gen John B. Hall Jr. USAF 1996
John E. Sloboda Civilian 2004
John J. Meyer IV Civilian 2025
John P. Hutton Civilian 2010
RADM John D. Stufflebeem USN 2005
RADM John J. Donnelly USN 1997
COL John A. Frick USA 2021
Col John H. Folkerts USAF 1995
John S. Quilty Civilian 1987
Col John W. Raymond USMC 1987
Dr. John M. Ruddy Civilian 1993
Maj Gen John B. Sams Jr. USAF 1995
John E. Schieltz Civilian 2018
LTC John C. Nalls USA 2014
COL John T. Novak USA 2019
John H. Silson Civilian 2024
CAPT John P. Springett II USN 2010
Col John W. Evans Jr. USMC 2020
LtCol John F. Kelly USMC 2020
COL John D. Nelson USA 2009
Col John H. Turner USMC 2000
Col John S. Fairfield USAF 1987
CDR John S. Banigan USN 2011
COL John S. Chu USA 2022
Col John A. Warden III USAF 1991
John H. Pendleton Civilian 2017
John O. Brennan Civilian 1994
COL John E. Malapit USA 2008
CAPT John J. Brabazon USN 2019
John R. Cobb IV Civilian 2019
LTC John P. Medve USA 1998
John D. Sinrud Civilian 1994
John J. Spisak Sr. Civilian 1994
John E. Stenger Civilian 1993
Col John C. Tait USAF 1990
VADM John B. Totushek USN 2002
COL John A. Berry USA 1988
John Ratigan Civilian 1989
Maj Gen John T. Winters Jr. USAF 2012
John M. Rooney Civilian 1988
John L. Godby Civilian 2012
John J. Young Jr. Civilian 1994
John W. McDonald Civilian 1995
RDML John G. Messerschmidt USN 2010



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