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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Classsort ascending
Dr. M. Brad Parks Civilian 1997
CDR Dennis J. Murphy USN 1997
CDR Edmund O'Callaghan USN 1997
Michael M. Thomas Civilian 1997
CAPT Edward C. Ferriter USN 1997
Col Edward J. Lesnowicz USMC 1997
Lt Col Victor J. Vaccaro USAF 1997
Dr. John M. Norris Civilian 1997
CAPT Timothy L. Terriberry USCG 1997
Brig Gen Charles J. Wax USAF 1997
CAPT Richard J. McAfee USN 1997
CDR Frank C. Pandolfe USN 1997
Paul A. Schneider Civilian 1997
CDR Robert E. Dolan USN 1997
Brig Gen Robert H. Foglesong USAF 1997
Brig Gen Gary M. Rubus USAF 1997
Brent R. Collins Civilian 1997
CDR Cynthia A. Coogan USCG 1997
Col Gary L. North USAF 1997
David D. Terry Civilian 1997
Alan Chvotkin Civilian 1997
Lawrence B. Stollar Civilian 1997
RADM John B. Foley III USN 1997
Shelley Deutch Civilian 1997
Dr. Neil M. Singer Civilian 1997
Lawrence Castro Civilian 1997
Lt Col William E. Hanson USAF 1997
COL Thomas M. Molino USA 1997
COL John C. Odell USA 1997
Col William L. Shelton USAF 1997
Dr. James J. Foster Civilian 1997
James C. MacDougall Civilian 1997
LCDR Eugene F. Moran Jr. USN 1997
Gene A. Cretz Civilian 1997
Dr. Gary J. Jones Civilian 1997
Diane Lafferman Civilian 1997
RADM John J. Donnelly USN 1997
Elsie L. Munsell Civilian 1997
Dr. Alan Whittaker Civilian 1997
LTC Donald L. Hinton USA 1996
Col Jerald L. Folkerts USAF 1996
LTC Daniel M. Gerstein USA 1996
CDR William J. Luti USN 1996
Crystal Nix Civilian 1996
LTC William N. McMillan USA 1996
David R. Warren Civilian 1996
Brig Gen John B. Hall Jr. USAF 1996
RADM Michael A. McDevitt USN 1996
CDR Mark S. Woolley USN 1996
Deborah S. Howell Civilian 1996
Col Christine M. Nelson USAF 1996
Douglas L. Faulkner Civilian 1996
COL David E. McCracken USA 1996
Dr. Arian L. Pregenzer Civilian 1996
COL James W. Reed USA 1996
Brig Gen Claude M. Bolton Jr. USAF 1996
David E. Mosher Civilian 1996
Jeffrey D. Kovar Civilian 1996
Stephen E. Lubniewski Civilian 1996
Maj Gen David J. McCloud USAF 1996



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