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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Classsort ascending
CDR Sandra L. Stosz USCG 2000
CAPT Mark Tempestilli USN 2000
LTC Walter Neal Anderson USA 2000
Robin A. Watson Civilian 2000
Frederick K. Dubay Civilian 2000
Brig Gen Glen D. Shaffer USAF 2000
CAPT John E. Crowley Jr. USCG 2000
LTC Gary G. Sauer USA 2000
CAPT Larry C. Johnson USN 2000
Caryn C. Hollis Civilian 2000
CAPT Jonathan E. Sears USN 2000
Judith H. Strotz Civilian 2000
Col Thomas E. Griffith Jr. USAF 2000
RADM Kenneth Heimgartner USN 2000
Dr. Edward Schmitz Civilian 2000
Brig Gen Bruce A. Wright USAF 2000
Harry B. Harris Jr. USN 2000
CDR Kevin P. Newmeyer USN 2000
Basil Scott Civilian 2000
Howard H. Hirano Civilian 2000
John W. O'Neill Civilian 1999
CDR James D. Bjostad USCG 1999
Terry A. Yonkers Civilian 1999
CAPT Francis D. DeMasi USN 1999
COL Joseph Kaufmann Jr. USA 1999
Robert Swartz Civilian 1999
COL Michael W. Hackerson USA 1999
Michael A. Smith Civilian 1999
Dr. Arun Seraphin Civilian 1999
Lt Col Sharon K. G. Dunbar USAF 1999
Lt Col Michael J. Mixon USAF 1999
Col Paula G. Thornhill USAF 1999
Dr. Rodney K. Wilson Civilian 1999
CAPT Karl M. Hasslinger USN 1999
John Fredriksson Civilian 1999
CAPT John M. Bird USN 1999
Deborah Clay-Mendez Civilian 1999
LtCol Michael A. George USMC 1999
Brig Gen Ben T. Robinson USAF 1999
CDR Steven E. Klemencic USN 1999
Amb. Joseph LeBaron Civilian 1999
Robert E. Stevens Civilian 1999
CAPT James S. Hanna USN 1999
Col Brendan P. Kearney USMC 1999
Kent D. Logsdon Civilian 1999
RADM James D. McArthur Jr. USN 1999
Brig Gen Howard J. Mitchell USAF 1999
Duncan Brown Civilian 1999
Col Kenneth M. Decuir USAF 1999
Brig Gen David L. Moody USAF 1999
Dr. Paul M. Needham Civilian 1999
Kevin W. Bieg Civilian 1999
Douglas R. Henson Civilian 1999
James A. Hursch Civilian 1999
Lt Col Mark L. Kalber USAF/ANG 1999
Dr. Joseph M. Keogh Civilian 1999
Gregory K. Melcher Civilian 1999
Col Darphaus L. Mitchell USAF 1999
Dale R. Avery Civilian 1999
CDR Kirk A. Michealson USN 1999



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